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What Fatherhood Does To Men’s Brains

Research show that indeed, a few days after birth, changes occur in the brains of both daddy and baby. According to research, not only do men get better at hearing a baby’s cry as the due date of their child approaches, but a baby’s smile activates the same circuits in the brain that are involved

The Sweet Smell Of Marketing

Unlike our other senses, our sense of smell is closely linked to the brain’s centers for emotion, memory, and creativity, according to the Monell Chemical Senses Center, a Philadelphia-based nonprofit that researches taste and smell. What this means is that when it comes to smell, we process it first with our emotional brain

The Odor of Your Dreams

I woke up last week convinced that I could smell coffee. My husband, the coffee drinker in our household, was away for business and my 20-month-old son hasn’t yet discovered the substance so it seemed odd that there would be the familiar comforting aroma in the air. Within seconds of my waking up

Marketing to Your Mind

What if our brains could tell marketers our deepest preferences and our biases even if we weren’t consciously aware of them, leading them to design products that would appeal to us even when we insisted they wouldn’t? That’s not science fiction. In fact, marketing to us using our brains is

The Science Behind Those Moody Blues

On some days it doesn’t take much to turn a perfectly reasonable mood into a terrifyingly bad one. But the way we see moods — as uncontrollable beasts that take over our minds and bodies — probably causes more damage than the moods themselves. That’s because moods, whether good or bad

Why Is Facebook So Hard to Quit?

Consider this: two decades ago, there was no Facebook. Twitter hadn’t yet been conceived. Researchers and psychologists were still learning that the internet — and more so, computer games — could indeed be addictive. We hadn’t yet programmed ourselves to share intimate details of our lives on a minute-to-minute

Are You Really Hungry?

Take this two-minute test to find out if your body needs food, or if it’s trying to tell you something else. When did you eat your last meal? A. Less than an hour ago. B. One to three hours ago. C. More than four hours ago. Which statement best matches how you feel?

Are Your Dreams Making You Smarter?

What if every time you went to sleep, tiny elves ran around your brain, organizing the clutter, putting names, faces, relationships, and conversations in the right places, and polishing up the facts you learned during the day? And what if, after these elves were done, you woke up much more likely

Inside The Dream Mind

What goes on inside your brain when you’re dreaming? Well, as it happens, no one seems to know exactly. Not the mystics with the crystal balls, not the dream interpreters, and not even, as you might suspect, scientists. While several theories are floating about in both the scientific and non-scientific worlds

Learning to Eat Less

When you think about getting healthier or losing weight, tricking your brain probably isn’t on the list of things you’ve chosen to do. But it might be the most important. Research shows that a lot of how you eat and drink affects the way your brain processes that information and how it subsequently asks

Notes to Live By: Why Your Brain Craves Music

Music isn’t essential for our survival. You won’t die if you go without listening for a week, and it’s not necessary for procreation. So why does your brain crave music? In an issue of Science, neuroscientists reported that music triggers activity in the nucleus accumbens, the same brain structure that releases dopamine