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This Is Your Brain … On Love

Faith in love is a little like faith in God: extremely important to our lives, yet rarely examined. Perhaps we don’t really want something that we cherish to be dissected on a lab table. Love is one of those things that seem enhanced by a little mystery. But scientists know better than anyone that behind every mystery lies another, deeper mystery. [ … ]

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Tell Your Brain To Take A Hike

Of course, the restorative effects of nature have long been known, if not scientifically proven. What better way to take a break from our harried modern routines than spend a weekend in the country? It may seem obvious, but when science investigates common sense it often yields uncommon insights. Would you have thought, for example [ … ]


This Is Your Brain on Stress

Hey there. It’s me, your brain. Thanks for taking me on this walk in the woods, it’s just what I needed. Ah, nature. So lovely. So relaxing. Wait, wow, what was that noise? Over there, coming from those bushes right next to the path? That huge thing covered in black fur, rearing up on its hind legs and baring its teeth? A bear, you say? Okay. No problem. [ … ]

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Expanding Mental Health in Pakistan

Khusro Elley is the director of a psychiatric hospital in Karachi, Pakistan, which provides free treatment for the mentally ill. A former vice president of Ethan Allen furniture who has devoted himself to philanthropy, Elley opened a small nonprofit rehabilitation center for psychiatric patients in summer 2010. [ … ]