If you’ve ever wondered about conditions such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, brain tumors or epilepsy, you might want to visit the Neuroscience Blog, which seeks to “inform users on the many different neurological conditions that affect millions of people each year,” including sleep disorders, psychiatric conditions, strokes, spine conditions and others.
Here, readers can find the latest in neuroscience research. Articles concisely summarize recent research papers and provide links to similar articles readers may find helpful.
“Are you finding yourself itching your legs all too often? You’re already slathering on that lotion, but it doesn’t seem to help?” asks one recent entry under the title “Itching Connected to Burning Pain by Same Nerve Cells.”
“Surprisingly, the same nerve cells that tell your brain that it’s time to itch also tell your brain that your body is experiencing burning pains,” the blog cites Klas Kullander, a professor in the department of neuroscience at Uppsala University.
Other recent blog entries include “Risk for Childhood Obesity Starts in Pre-school” and “Sleep Deprivation Causing Enzyme Discovered.” Readers are encouraged to contribute to discussions by entering comments at the bottom of each page.

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