Brain Management Consultants


Due to a growing interest amongst individuals, communities, and governments in improving their own lives and the lives of others through better use of the brain, the International Brain Education Association (IBREA) has established a training and certification program for Brain Management Consultants.
__Brain Management Consultants learn the principles of Brain Education along with practical techniques for guiding people of all ages and abilities to develop and improve their physical, social, and cognitive functioning through better understanding and use of the brain. Brain Education is an innovative system based on a variety of disciplines including cognitive neuroscience, psychology, health science, Eastern medicine, and education.
__Brain Education programs have been shown to contribute to improvements in physical, emotional, and social health, as well as in learning and achievement. In addition, research has shown that Brain Wave Vibration, one of the methods of Brain Education, is associated with improvements in brain health and psychological well-being.
__Anyone who wants to learn how to use his or her brain and help others learn how to use their brains well, in accordance with the principles of Brain Education, can be certified as a Brain Management Consultant once they complete the required training.
__Certification is available at a number of levels, from Consultants who teach classes and provide lectures on a volunteer basis in the community, to upper-level Consultants who operate their own Brain Education Centers.
__Certified Brain Management Consultants include parents, educators, therapists, staff developers, health and allied health professionals, business and government leaders, and those who work in non-profit organizations and in the community. They work in a variety of settings including health centers, senior centers, schools, community centers, businesses, organizations, correction facilities, colleges, universities, and hospitals.
__Brain Management Consultants provide guidance to a variety of people and groups, helping to develop brain health in children, older adults, people with disabilities, and anyone seeking to improve their physical, mental, and cognitive health. Their goal is to help others to develop their full potential.
__Currently, Brain Management Consultants are being trained and certified in South Korea and the United States. The program is being expanded to the 100 countries where IBREA branches exist around the world. The ultimate goal is for individuals to recognize and use the full potential of the brain in order to achieve their goals and contribute to the creation of a healthier, happier, and more peaceful world.
__Training to become a Brain Management Consultant is now being offered at the Brain Education Center in New York as well as at other IBREA-approved locations around the United States. Information is available on IBREA’s website, at [bw]

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