Why Can It Be So Difficult To Lose Weight?

Many people want to lose weight — it could be to look good in the mirror — or due to having low energy levels. If you constantly feel exhausted and drained, then it’s possible that your weight is contributing to this health factor. If you are overweight, it also can be more difficult to find the energy that you need to get through the day. We all know that

The 5 Fundamentals For Brain Health

Even if you only adopt one of these habits, it will have a dramatic impact on the health of your brain throughout your life: here’s the five fundamentals for brain health.

Why Sleep Is So Important For Your Brain

Henry David Thoreau is quoted as saying, “Happiness is like a butterfly: the more you chase it, the more it will elude you, but if you turn your attention to other things, it will come and sit softly on your shoulder.” I would revise this statement by replacing “happiness” with “sleep”

Finding Your Purpose In Life

An article in the publication AdultSpan Journal tells us, “a focus on meaning and purpose provides a positive, optimistic perspective that is counter to disempowering views of aging based on losses and deficits.” For many years, gerontologists and sociologists have believed

Are We More Easily Distracted As We Age?

Some people might be able to focus on their task at hand — and filter out distractions. However, research is indicating that as we age — we’re not able to do this as easily — an aging brain is a distracted one. Even simpler things, things that we may take for granted when we’re younger, like sitting across from your friend and having

Feeling Stuck? 10 Steps From The “Now” To The “New” You

Have you ever woken up in the morning feeling unsure of where your day — or your life — is going? You wonder what else might be out there. You know you deserve more fulfillment from your life. You think to yourself: What’s next? We’ve all felt that way at one point or another, but have you ever considered it

Caring For Your Hands And Feet As You Get Older

While we might focus on those new fine lines on our face, the new backaches, and the changes to our hearing and sight, how often do we talk about the ways in which our hands and feet can change? If you’ve been noticing they need a little more care lately, here are some of the reasons why and just what you can do about them.

Preparing Your Home To Welcome Your Senior Parent

With over 20 million baby boomers living through their retirement, the odds are that you may have a senior parent that is preparing to move into your home. For many families, bringing a parent into the home is a preferable option to retirement facilities or nursing homes. Welcoming a parent into your home can be both a stressful and joyful

How To Keep Your Brain Sharp

A quick and sharp brain is important to be effective in everything from work, school, and even playing games. We rely on our brains for pretty much everything — and we generally perform the best when our brain is firing on all cylinders. Unfortunately, if you don’t use or challenge your brain as much as you once did — it might not be

4 Simple Secrets To Brain Health

Don’t view stress as a problem, but as a challenge. A skier on a mountaintop may interpret her pounding heart, fast breathing and sweaty palms as fear or excitement. Every stressful situation creates physiological symptoms — but you can decide how to play it.

Finding Your Natural Rhythm To Sleep Well

Sleep is integral to a healthy life. It helps our bodies heal quicker — and our brains to rebuild so that they can function to the best way possible. Despite this many people aren’t sure of how much sleep they should be getting and how that can affect their brain function throughout the day.

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