Give Your Brain Hopes and Dreams

There is one thing, though, that stands above the rest as necessary nutrition for the human body, mind, and spirit: hope. Without hope, there is no drive even to live, and the more hope we have, the more motivated and enthusiastic we feel. Hope is the most powerful supplement available to us, and thankfully, we can make hope for ourselves

Walking Yourself Young

Walking requires no special equipment or clothing, and it can be done at just about any place and any time. even the busiest person can find time to work it into a schedule. Just start by finding creative ways to add more steps to your day, and soon you will find that you have doubled your level of physical activity


This Is Your Brain on Stress

Hey there. It’s me, your brain. Thanks for taking me on this walk in the woods, it’s just what I needed. Ah, nature. So lovely. So relaxing. Wait, wow, what was that noise? Over there, coming from those bushes right next to the path? That huge thing covered in black fur, rearing up on its hind legs and baring its teeth?

11 Smart Ways To Minimize Aches and Pains

Nobody wants to have to live with aches and pains day in, day out. However, this is the reality of life for many people. Many can develop aches and pains for no clear reason as they age, or it can be due to a number of lifestyle factors such as a sedentary job. If you want to feel better about your aches and pains

How to Raise Responsible Teens

It’s not uncommon to hear parents of teenagers bemoaning the lack of responsibility and maturity that their children exhibit. As kids get older and enter into the teenage years, it becomes more apparent that they’re actually approaching adulthood, whether they’re prepared for it or not. Instilling a sense of responsibility

Learning to Love Yourself Again

It’s easy to fall out of love with yourself when you’re going through a bit of a rough patch in your life. This year especially, has seen billions of people have to halt their lives and adapt to a new normal. Weddings were canceled, vacation plans had to be amended, and a limit was put on funeral attendances. Let’s face

Unraveling The Mystery of How Your Brain Makes Memories

Whenever you’re living out a new and exciting experience — even if it’s something as simple as trying a new glass of wine during a summer picnic, there are neurons actively at work, however leisurely everything around you may seem. These neurons, known as “engram” cells, act in a similar way to pixels in a

Brain Health At Any Age: You’re Never Too Old

How do you lead a brain healthy lifestyle, one that champions a proactive approach
to shaping the brain? The lifestyle is composed of five major components, or “slices of a brain health pie”: physical activity, mental stimulation, socialization, spirituality, and nutrition. All of these five domains

Know Your Brain: The Parietal Lobe — Time in Thy Flight

We owe our perception of time to a portion of the brain known as the parietal lobe, which comprises one of four major lobes within the cerebral cortex, positioned behind the frontal lobe and the central sulcus fold that keeps them apart. The central sulcus increases the brain’s surface area and cognitive ability

Looking For Loneliness In Your Brain

Some time before the COVID-19 pandemic shut down much of the world, a neuroscientist named Dr. Kay Tye was studying the impact of human loneliness on the brain — a phenomenon that would soon become all too relevant in a world of social distancing. Tye knew that the overwhelming majority of people knew

3 Easy Exercises for Your Brain and Overall Health

When you exercise, you stimulate the release of brain chemicals such as endorphins, norepinephrine, dopamine, and serotonin, which produce feelings of joy and peace. Here are some simple “brain education” exercise tips to get you started, whatever your age. It’s never too early to take care of your body and brain.

If You Think You’re Old, You’ll Get Old

Many studies show that thinking positively or negatively about aging actually affects your quality of life in old age, as well as your lifespan. According to one study led by Professor Andrew Steptoe of University College London, people who thought of themselves as younger than

30 Ways to Improve Your Memory

Whether we are studying for Friday’s spelling test, a doctoral dissertation or a company presentation, there are a number of reliable memory techniques and powerful memory aids that yield the best results.

Getting Gene Therapy Toward Your Brain

All it takes is a single genetic mutation to permanently alter one’s life, or even the course of one’s life — bringing about any number of recessive linked genetic disorders that can affect the entire body. For decades, people dreaded the possibility that they could develop Huntington’s disease later in life or that they could be

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