How Hormones Help Your Body

The body produces the chemicals we call hormones to control all kinds of body functions. Glands, the organs that secrete hormones, make up the endocrine system, which helps to regulate functions such as growth, metabolism, and reproduction. Imagine hormones as the Pony Express of the body [ … ]

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Sometimes When We Touch

The skin is our largest organ. Its nerve endings and pressure receptors are tactile pathways, activated through touch, which our brain uses to interpret and explore the world around us. But recent research suggests that the brain’s response to touch serves an even wider purpose, providing [ … ]

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My Life With Tourette’s

I was diagnosed with Tourette syndrome in third grade, so each tap was a tic. TS is a genetic disorder that most experts believe is caused by nerve cells in the brain improperly releasing a neurotransmitter called dopamine. In every human brain, dopamine is a chemical messenger that nerve cells [ … ]

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4 Tips To Overcome The Stress Of A New Job

There are few happier feelings than the moment you finally get the phone call or acceptance letter. You got the job you’ve been agonizing over for weeks and soon you’ll be taking home a new paycheck. Yet, on the night before your first day, or maybe after the first round of job training, you might begin [ … ]

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It’s A Meaningful Life

What is the most important resource in our lives, but, paradoxically, the one we can never find more of? Many great thinkers throughout history have answered that question with a single word: time. Time marches on, as they say, no matter what anyone does. [ … ]

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The Mind of a Dog Revealed

It’s no surprise that dogs make us happy. A wide range of research has been done on how dogs affect the human brain, as well as our emotional and physical well-being. But until this point, the research has been one-sided. We’ve only been able to study our brains. [ … ]

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Will We All Be Gamers Someday?

Gone are the days of video games merely being an idle pastime for the average couch potato, when all that mattered was pushing buttons for the right moves and getting to the next level. With their ability to embed in the brains of longtime gamers and change human behavior, video games have evolved [ … ]

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My Mutant-Powered Migranes

When I was 12 years old, I developed superpowers. I went to bed a normal middle-schooler and awoke to find my senses heightened. My alarm clock sounded like a siren, the sun burned my eyes, and my cereal milk tasted like a cereal milkshake. I could smell the furnace in the basement. Like many [ … ]