How Stress Affects Your Thinking — And How to Address It

Everyone experiences periods of stress from time to time. Triggered by daily events, it is often a passing feeling that most people are able to cope with. Even when more severe responses that last a bit longer occur, it is generally accepted as a passing experience and does not disrupt the daily course of life in

Finding Empowerment and Healing With Your Subconscious Mind

What would you say if I told you that the things that keep you up at night, or can make your palms sweat, or your heart beat, perhaps that weekly telephone call with your sibling, or those nagging doubts and knee-jerk reactions are really messages coming from the subconscious that actually contain the power the heal.

The Moral Molecule: How Trust Works

It’s very likely that you’ve heard the expression, “sharing is caring.” While most people tend to fall in line with this notion and engage in sharing because of how good it makes them feel, there are those who harbor alternative motives for displaying this behavior. In fact, this other group of people may engage in sharing only

Google Wants to Know Your Brain (and Not Just Your Searches)

Have you heard about the Google Brain project? It’s a deep research effort, planned by Google, in order to successfully create the world’s most accurate model of the human brain. However, the company’s own search engine may be influencing our brains in a way they never anticipated before.

Where’s My Flying Car? On Science’s So-Called Broken Promises

What happened to all those promises from the scientists and engineers — flying cars, robotic companions, dinner in a pill form? We have oodles of gadgets and the internet, but can’t figure out how to feed the world or save our planet. Scientists study big questions, but in order to get the funding for their studies have to

How Do Video Games Change Your Brain?

A visit to your local GameStop can prove overwhelming when faced with the seemingly innumerable choices of video games stacking the shelves before you. They range from shooter games like “Call of Duty” to sports games such as “FIFA,” role-playing games including “Diablo,” and even music and party games like “Just Dance.”

A Look at ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy)

Consider this: nearly a quarter of Americans suffer from depression or anxiety in any given year. Given this statistic, it is imperative that we find innovative solutions to alleviate mental suffering. One approach in particular that has shown promising results in recent decades is ACT.

Night Eating Syndrome: Causes and Concerns

Do you consume more than a quarter of your daily calories after your evening meal? Do you have trouble falling asleep or suffer from insomnia during the night? Is your appetite for breakfast generally lacking?  If you answered “yes” to all of these questions, you have a condition called “night eating syndrome”

Unjunk Your Junk Food: Consider “Thirst Quenching”

When we hear the phrase “junk food” — we know it means the calorie and fat filled chips and sugar-laden candies, cookies, and goodies that fill store shelves and vending machines. But there’s been a rapid rise in a new wave of junk for quite some time.

Change Yourself, Change The World

Every year, young people from all over the world come together in New York City to participate in the International Brain Education Association’s World Peace Leadership Program. They meet with many officials from various organizations and country missions associated with the United Nations

Communicating with Teens: Tips from an Unusual Source

A study from the University of Arizona which looked into using text messaging to deliver educational information about nutrition and physical activity to teens found that most teens were open to receiving such texts, but the way in which they were worded made a big difference. The study, which appears in the

Neurotoxins and the Developing Brain

We have long known that there is a critical period during a child’s development during which the brain is considerably more malleable than an adult’s brain. In other words, outside influences — both positive and negative — have a much greater impact on neuronal formation and function from gestation to

Two Left Feet? You Might Be Gliding Without Enough GABA

You may blame your two left feet on your cerebellum, or your genetics. But maybe, it’s your GABA that’s to blame. Whether you’ve got moves like Jagger, or you lose your balance like Larry and Moe, scientists have learned that GABA — a neurotransmitter that plays a role in the motor cortex — rise and fall when learning

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