6 Ways To Streamline Your Business

If you feel like your business could be more efficient, you are in good company — there are a number of steps you can take to streamline your business processes. Here are just six ways to improve your overall results and make your company run much smoother! The first step to streamline your business is to take full advantage

How Your Brain Navigates Cities

The shortest distance connecting two points is always a straight line — one of the most basic rules of geometry. However, it’s not always applicable when you’re navigating the landscape around you. When walking through a busy city street, for example, avoiding oncoming traffic and crowds of people, following a straight line can often

It’s Alive! What Sentient Networks Tell Us About Human Consciousness

Despite the advances of neuroscience, we’re no closer to understanding how the physical brain generates consciousness than we ever were. What if it’s actually a far simpler mechanism than we imagined, and even more intriguing, what if we already have a model for it? Drill right down and a brain is comprised of a huge number of

The Need for More Mental Health Resources Across The Globe

At some point in their lives, most people have either suffered from depression or seen someone close to them suffer. Because it is such a personal issue, most people think of depression on a personal level. It is important to realize that depression is actually a global problem. It is the leading cause of disability

Multa Cultura Cerebrum: Immigration And Your Brain

Here’s a quick trivia question for you: What is the motto of the United States? Is it A) “E pluribus unum” or B) “In God we trust”? The technically correct answer is “B” — the phrase that was legally adopted through a joint resolution passed by the 84th Congress and approved by President Eisenhower in 1956. While it previously had

How Air Quality Affects Your Health

Living in an urban environment means that air pollution is slowly affecting your health. However, you are impacted by air quality even if you do not live in a city, as smoke from climate change-induced wildfires can reach across entire countries. Without immediate and dramatic actions from the world community, air quality

How To Prepare And Study For An Engineering Degree

Earning an engineering degree can open up a world of opportunity — with the discipline extending into every industry, one can work in just about any specialty in which they are passionate about. While your future will be full of options, undertaking and completing an engineering degree is a challenge even for the most intelligent and

10 Effective E-commerce Tips For Your Small Business

The landscape of retail has been completely transformed by e-commerce. Today, many services and products are bought through digital platforms — anything from clothing and perfumes to electronics and groceries. International, multinational, and national brands have been running the most successful e-commerce platforms

The Olympian Mind: The Field of Human Potential

Once again the Olympics are upon us, displaying excellence in mind, body, and spirit. As a neuroscientist, neuropsychiatrist, and author in the field of human potential, I am always riveted, watching all the nations of the world come together to push the envelope of human physical and mental potential. How strong can we become? How fast can we go?

What To Know About Spinal Surgery

Even though there have been dramatic advances in modern medicine, many countries still do not have the necessary equipment for the diagnostics and treatment of spinal diseases. This is certainly a concern if you need to seek treatment when traveling outside the United States, so it is important to know what foreign

How Has E-commerce Changed During The Pandemic?

So much changed before our eyes in less than a year, from education and entertainment to personal interactions and business. E-commerce had quite a positive run during this time, but has encountered challenges of its own, as well. Here’s what e-commerce experts had to say about how their industry has changed during

Helping Children’s Literacy Is Possible Anywhere

This story is a vignette from the life of a dedicated friend who works in an international organization committed to children’s rights. We will call her Saraswati, after the Hindu goddess of knowledge and arts, believed to endow human beings with the powers of speech, wisdom, and learning.

Making Real Change

One of the ways to assess the impact of human activities on this planet is what is known as the “ecological footprint.” In order to stand, I need land the size of my two feet; that’s my footprint. In order to lie down, I need land the size of my body flat on the ground. Likewise, all human activities, even the

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