How Your Small Business Can Save Time And Money

Small businesses tend to have productivity issues for a number of reasons. For starters, a small business could have a poor sense of direction due to a lack of experienced leadership. They can frequently change their target audiences or even find themselves developing multiple products at once — instead of focusing on something that their audience

Shine A Light On Limitless Learning

The human brain has limitless potential. That’s what I realized as I transformed myself from someone who could never pay attention in school and took the college entrance exam three years in a row to someone who successfully completed a degree in clinical pathology.

Kindling Kindness: We Are Geared For Generosity

To be human is to be kind. Selfishness is learned. Scientists from Oxford to UCLA, Michigan and beyond are proving this and that the brain has areas for smiling and empathy, but not cruelty — which is always a disorder. Kindness — throughout human existence, science tells us that this has

In Love With Love: The Science Of Love Addiction

Have you ever stayed in a bad relationship or repeatedly returned to an ex even when you knew it wasn’t a good idea? When you’re in a committed relationship do you wonder if you’ve chosen the right one? Have you ever fantasized about someone from your past, thinking you should have kept them around?

Finding Your Purpose In Life

An article in the publication AdultSpan Journal tells us, “a focus on meaning and purpose provides a positive, optimistic perspective that is counter to disempowering views of aging based on losses and deficits.” For many years, gerontologists and sociologists have believed

Music, Rhythm, And The Brain

Music is part of our life. Music has had deep roots in human culture throughout history. Listening to, enjoying, or playing music sometimes gives us pleasure, sadness, comfort, and even touches us deeply, causing life-changing experiences. Why does music have such a powerful affect on our brain?

Shrinking Violet: Being Introverted In An Extroverted World

Networking, brainstorming sessions, teamwork. The fast-paced modern world of business emphasizes outgoingness and collaboration. Collectivity is widely believed to produce better ideas and boost workplace success. But what if you happen to be introverted?

The Reality Of Shopping Addiction

Buzz Bissinger, author of the book “Friday Night Lights,” once wrote an extraordinary story in GQ Magazine where he admitted to owning 81 leather jackets, dozens of pairs of boots and leather gloves, a $5,000 pair of pants, and a $22,000 coat. He had recently attended Milan Fashion Week as an all-expenses paid guest of Gucci — and said

The Ultimate (Culinary) Multitasker: A Cook’s Brain

My first cookbook, given to me as a hand-me-down at age 6, was a tattered old copy of the 1959 classic “Betty Crocker’s Cook Book for Boys and Girls.” Filled with brightly colored illustrations, it opened up the world of food to me beyond table manners and commands to “Eat your vegetables.”

Mentally Preparing For A Major Life Change

From leaving school to experiencing the death of a loved one, we all go through big changes in our life — whether we want to or not. Often, we have no choice but to adapt to these changes. However, while we may go through the motions — many of us can take a while to mentally adapt. By mentally preparing yourself beforehand, big life

4 Effective Negotiation Strategies To Be Aware Of

Having effective negotiation strategies will help your business grow. Negotiation is not just about your own needs, but also your counterpart’s in the negotiation as well. To negotiate well, you must have answers for these questions: What would be the best and worst deals for my business? What does my counterpart want from

5 Ways To Increase Your Motivation

Motivation pushes you to perform certain behaviors to achieve results. But what exactly is motivation, and how can you give yours a boost? Motivation is based on reward prediction and value-based decision-making. It is your brain’s way of pushing you to perform certain behaviors

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