Why Wealth Management Isn’t Just For The Wealthy

When people think of the term wealth management, they usually think of very rich families with lots of money and assets to manage. It could be a situation in which there are lots of different companies under a family’s name, or it could be a lot of property that a family owns and they are currently collecting rent from.

How Your Small Business Can Save Time And Money

Small businesses tend to have productivity issues for a number of reasons. For starters, a small business could have a poor sense of direction due to a lack of experienced leadership. They can frequently change their target audiences or even find themselves developing multiple products at once — instead of focusing on something that their audience

Why It’s Now Easier Than Ever Before To Start A Business

Starting a business used to be incredibly time-consuming, in which entrepreneurs faced many barriers, including needing a lot of capital. Capital may have come from a loan, borrowing money from loved ones, selling belongings, or taking the time to save up. Other challenges included maintaining inventory and a physical location. However

Getting Your Life Back After A Head Injury

Your head is arguably the most important part of your body. Containing your brain, this part of you is responsible for controlling not only your thoughts but also your actions. Your body does a very good job of protecting your brain, and it takes quite a lot to damage this vital organ. Head injuries are more common than many people think

4 Effective Negotiation Strategies To Be Aware Of

Having effective negotiation strategies will help your business grow. Negotiation is not just about your own needs, but also your counterpart’s in the negotiation as well. To negotiate well, you must have answers for these questions: What would be the best and worst deals for my business? What does my counterpart want from

10 Effective E-commerce Tips For Your Small Business

The landscape of retail has been completely transformed by e-commerce. Today, many services and products are bought through digital platforms — anything from clothing and perfumes to electronics and groceries. International, multinational, and national brands have been running the most successful e-commerce platforms

How Stereotypes Affect Us (And What We Can Do)

African Americans are better at sports. Asians are better at math. Though we outwardly seek and applaud diversity, stereotypes persist. “Whistling Vivaldi: How Stereotypes Affect Us and What We Can Do” investigates the research of Dr. Claude Steele, a social psychologist, on stereotypes — and how, even in a society that

Forging Ahead Together: Margaret Heffernan on Group Success

The road to success seems obvious — plenty of hard work and a goal to rise to the top. It may be intuitive, but is it accurate? Margaret Heffernan, an international businesswoman, believes that true success may require thinking outside the box for answers, something she discusses

Empowering Our Children With The Gift Of Happiness

As a mother of two young girls and as a pediatrician who cares for kids from birth through age 21, I cannot count the times I have heard a mother say, “All I want is for my child to be happy.” It is of utmost importance that a mother be equipped to empower her children with the tools to guarantee a lifetime

Are You Really Hungry?

Take this two-minute test to find out if your body needs food, or if it’s trying to tell you something else. When did you eat your last meal? A. Less than an hour ago. B. One to three hours ago. C. More than four hours ago. Which statement best matches how you feel?

Job Search: 6 Networking Tips for Using Social Media Successfully

While social media outlets have made it easier for people to deactivate their accounts during the week, you can also use the fast-paced environment of social media to work to your advantage. Why not use the time you spend online to meet your long-term goals and ambitions rather than just living in the moment?

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