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How Secrets Make Us Sick

Are you familiar with the 2005 film “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”? It’s a fantastic romantic action comedy about two married assassins who work for competing firms. The punch line here is that each of them believes their spouse to be a regular civilian — that is, until their companies team up and try to have them kill each other. [ … ]


Open Up To Age Well

Research has found that a personality trait called openness to experience — one of the “big five” personality traits, as psychology researchers call them — predicts longevity and is associated with better health and greater happiness. Openness encompasses such factors as [ … ]

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Our Brains Are Wired For Empathy

Empathy is wired in our brains. As a matter of fact, we have entire circuits dedicated to it. For instance, when we see someone engage in an activity or go through a particular experience, mirror neurons ignite in our brains. They play a role in helping us understand what someone else is going through [ … ]

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Are Your Dreams Making You Smarter?

What if every time you went to sleep, tiny elves ran around your brain, organizing the clutter, putting names, faces, relationships, and conversations in the right places, and polishing up the facts you learned during the day? And what if, after these elves were done, you woke up much more likely [ … ]

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Laughing Is Great Exercise for Your Brain

Smiling and laughing is great exercise for your brain. It is a very effective way to supply oxygen to the brain. Once you start to smile and laugh, there is joy coming from your heart. You don’t need a specific reason to be joyful, for joy has been inside of us from the very beginning of our lives. [ … ]

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The Myth Of Multitasking

In today’s modern, technologically advanced world, with e-mail and smartphones and Twitter and Facebook demanding all of our attention all of the time — even as we work, socialize and play — multitasking may seem like the only answer. But science cautions us to restrict multitasking [ … ]

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Geared for Generosity

To be human is to be kind. Selfishness is learned. Scientists from Oxford to UCLA, Michigan and beyond are proving this and that the brain has areas for smiling and empathy, but not cruelty — which is always a disorder. Kindness — throughout human existence, science tells us that this has [ … ]

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What Buddha Can Do For Your Brain

Just as we can get better at playing tennis or cooking steak, we can get better at using our brains, re-training it so that we become happier, more resilient people, says neuropsychologist Rick Hanson, Ph.D., co-author (with Richard Mendius, M.D.) of the bestselling book [ … ]