Does Your Business Need A Physical Address?

business physical address

Your business address is not necessarily where you work. However, a business address has to be stated on numerous documents and also says a lot about your company. If you work in a home office and want to separate private and professional matters, you are able to rent an external business address. You can also use a business address in combination with a virtual office. With that, you can also make use of other services, for example, renting an office on a daily basis. It is good to have a place for your mail to go to, especially if you work from home. It allow anonymity, which might be an important concern for you. You may also want to look at a physical address for postal mail.

Why Is Your Business Address Important?

First and foremost, a business address says a lot about a company. It is just like with any city or country — people will naturally make associations with it. It often can be a status symbol to have your business address on a certain street or in a specific city. A valued or reputable business address can inspire confidence among customers or investors. Keep in mind that home or private addresses can quickly be found out in today’s internet age.

It is not only for reasons of prestige that you should seek to have a particular business address. The business address is given out publicly in numerous places, for example, in the imprint of your company website. If you do not have a permanent place of residence, then a rented business address can also help, because you need a business address to register a business — and you cannot do any tax returns without a business address.

Your Business Address Provides Legal Information

Your business address is mentioned in numerous legal excerpts related to being an entrepreneur, for example:

  • Trade regulations
  • Tax law
  • Commercial code

Depending on the topic or applicable laws, slightly different requirements are placed on a business address. Mainly, a business address needs to be stated so that fast and reliable communication can be guaranteed, for example, to ensure that your mail is received. An external post office box, which could be rented from a post office, is often not sufficient. A business address that is a virtual office usually fulfills any legal requirements that your business may have. With a business address in a virtual office, this is provided by the postal service and is therefore permissible in most cases.

business physical address

Where Can A Business Be In Principle?

It is possible and legal to have your business address at any of these places:

  • Home office
  • Coworking space
  • Virtual office
  • Business center
  • Rented office

In renting a business address, you should be aware that the cost is usually in the double-digits per month. Of course, there are numerous providers with varying prices — and you may find a good bargain. In addition to the business address itself, you should consider how you want to deal with your mail. Many providers of business addresses can also handle your mail for you, either by forwarding, storing, or scanning it. As is the case with the cost of the business address itself, these additional costs can vary greatly depending on the provider.

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