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Improving your health can take a lot of work — especially when you look at your “total” health, which includes both physical and mental well-being. There are so many different factors to consider about your total health — and for many, figuring out your total health can feel like you are stepping into a minefield. The most important thing to realize is to take one step at a time — and make small lifestyle changes — so that these improvements to your total health become long-term changes. Your goal is, for the positive changes that you make, to be incorporated into your daily life — to have permanence — rather than stem from rash choices, fad diets, or a restriction of things that you really want.

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Mental health is a critical part of your total health, which is often overlooked by people dealing with mental health conditions — and a health care system that focuses on the physical. There are lots of different paths that you can take to improve your mental health. For those dealing with anxiety and stress, meditation is one remedy that many people choose to explore. An easy way to determine if mediation is a good fit for you is — to take advantage of free sessions that are available on apps like headspace. What’s great about using meditation apps is that they fit your schedule — you learn to be more mindful and in control of your emotions, when it best works for you.

For more pressing mental health conditions, you may have to find a therapist to get the tools you need to improve your well-being. This is something that millions of people all over the world are investigating every day — and you should congratulate yourself on taking these steps to massively improve your total health — to place yourself on a path to feeling happier every single day.

Along with your mental health, your physical health is equally as important. You have probably heard this before, but eating well and regular exercise make a huge difference. Fad diets never work, and weight loss needs to occur in a measured and healthy manner. Making small and easy swaps with your diet can be really effective.

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Begin by adding fruit and vegetables into meals when possible, whether it is adding berries to your morning cereal or more vegetables into your next meat stew. Look for opportunities to add healthy foods into your regular food routines — in place of junk food or sugary snacks. Keep in mind that you don’t have to deprive yourself of anything you might want from time to time. One less-than-healthy meal will not undo all the hard work that you have done to improve your total health.

When looking to implement exercise into your daily routine — this is not easy for a lot of people — you will want to start small, especially if it’s been a long time since you were physically active on a regular basis. Like with mental health, there are many helpful apps out there to investigate. For example, Couch to 5K is a popular option that has helped people to fall in love with running in a matter of weeks. If running is not your cup of tea, then consider other forms of aerobic exercise, Pilates, or yoga. It’s not even necessary to spend money to join a class to get started with exercise, as YouTube has hundreds of thousands of exercise and dance videos — surely there is something out there that can pique your interest.

When looking at your total health, it’s important to access all your habits that have an impact on your health, especially if you smoke or drink. Smoking and drinking is harmful to both your physical and mental health. So seriously consider cutting down — or even quitting. Most people need some support to stop drinking or smoking, whether it be family, friends, or treatments centers, like one featured at You will be surprised how much better you feel when you finally stop drinking or smoking — both how you feel in your body and how you feel in your head. The impact a life change like this has on your total health is truly astounding.

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