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human resources

Being a human resources professional or manager in 2021 is not an easy job. This is a time when there is a surplus of degree holders competing against each other for a very scarce number of vacancies. People who have done their career-oriented courses are unemployed and hunting for jobs out there.

In such a situation, it becomes very difficult for managers or HR professionals to choose the right portfolio from thousands of applications. We need to check an applicant’s skills and competency before shortlisting them for further rounds. We have to keep a record of every employee that is working under the company’s name, and check if they are given proper treatment. We have to keep a check on the amount of work given to a particular employee. To help us with our workload, many great HR tools now exist that can make your job a lot easier.

1. Kissflow Inc.

Kissflow Inc. is software that helps managers and HR professionals keep track of their work. It enables businesses to modify, manage, and change their HR processes in an economical manner. Kissflow offers a variety of models of HR management systems such as employee activity tracking, employee evaluation data, and other HR processes that are important for an organization to grow and prosper.

2. PerformancePro

PerformancePro is HR support software for companies having 50 to 5,000 employees. It is a leading employee engagement application that evaluates and offers HR performance solutions. If you need automated software that works on the competency track of an employee, you can rely on PerformancePro. It is an integrated learning management system that includes a wide range of contents in accordance with current regulatory guidelines. PerformancePro has the feature to add financial rewards in order to motivate and inspire employees effectively. This software can also help your employees move toward their goal completion at a faster, smoother rate.

3. Zoho People

Cloud-based software, such as Zoho People, is used by human resources professionals for management purposes. It helps to customize and manage employee information about the organization. Although it was built with keeping businesses of all sizes in mind, it has the capabilities to do the managerial work for small as well as enterprise-level businesses. Zoho People allows HR professionals and managers to track their number of employee activities, such as managing deadlines, tracking the absence of employees, creating custom forms, or keeping track of performance evaluations. This software is very simple and quite easy to use and understand.

human resources

The Right Software Makes Your Job Easier

This year, when the number of degree holders far exceeds the number of job vacancies, it almost feels like a dream to employ every unemployed degree holder. Hence, managers and HR professionals have to face thousands of applications — and have to be very careful about choosing the personnel that best fit their organization.

In such a situation, getting support from learning management software, which offers HR management tools, is a boon. These tools can help managers and professionals to keep track of the employee’s activities, like the number of days spent on leave, evaluation of the employee’s skills, all-around development of the employee, and much more.

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