Joseph LeDoux: Neuroscientist by day, Rock Star by night


Joseph E. LeDoux is a Henry and Lucy Moses Professor of Science, and professor of neural science and psychology at New York University. He is also the director of the Emotional Brain Institute and the author of the books “The Emotional Brain: The Mysterious Underpinnings of Emotional Life” and “Synaptic Self: How Our Brains Become Who We Are,” plus many articles in scholarly journals.

After 30 years, Joseph LeDoux has decided that he hasn’t been studying fear or emotion at all. Whaaaaaaaat? Apparently, it’s an “issue” within the field. What are emotions? How can you study emotions in rats? These and other scintillating questions will be addressed in an upcoming interview in Brain World Magazine.

BUT FOR NOW you should know that LeDoux and his band THE AMYGDALOIDS will be performing in New York City at the Sidewalk Cafe (Avenue A & E. 6th Street) on May 9th. Here’s some info on the event and their latest CD.

May 9, 7-9pm:  A night of mind, brain, and magic featuring not only The Amygdaloids but also the highly acclaimed magican, Mark Mitton.  We will talk about mind and brain, and play our rocking tunes about the same.  Between our two sets Mark will razzle dazzle you with mind bending and brain twisting tricks of his trade.

All in Our Minds is now available at the band’s website or at CD Baby
Band Site:  (click store)

See you there!

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