Mastering Your Environment To Discover Your Happiness



As I’ve met people from all walks of life and helped them to live more satisfying lives, I’ve found that there have been two main reasons that people feel they are unhappy.

First, they are unsatisfied with the environment they face. In other words, they consider themselves unhappy because they lack something. Environment refers not only to the situations surrounding you, such as your economic power and personal relationships, but also to all the situations you face, even including your physical and mental health.

Some people think they are unhappy because they’re not physically well, while others think they are unhappy because they don’t have enough money. Others think they are unhappy because they don’t have a partner or friends with whom to share their hearts. These things are all part of the environment surrounding you.

If you let environmental factors determine your happiness or unhappiness, it will be difficult to avoid being a slave to your environment all your life. To be happy, you would have to wait for your environment to change. Instead, you should become the master of your environment, leading it, and causing it to change instead of blaming it for your unhappiness.

Without this attitude, you’ll fail to make use of even a good environment and will instead be controlled by it. Many people, though they have wealth and power, become mired in a hell of unhappiness because they misuse these things.

When you get older, the first thing you really experience is changes in your physical environment. You are weaker, your skin loses its elasticity, and you get sick more frequently. Such physical changes often are accompanied by uncomfortable emotions such as anxiety, sadness, and fear.

How can we deal with such emotions? One powerful method is to move your awareness to your body through such things as “opportunistic” exercise — if you practice this regularly, you’ll develop a sense for extricating yourself from negative emotions and for improving your mood quickly in any situation.

You must understand the relationship between yourself and your emotions: emotions are not you, but yours. Emotions are merely a variable environment that affects you like any other surrounding that you experience. You can choose to walk away from an emotion the same way you walk out of a room. You can change your emotions because they are only your internal environment, not the essence of who you are.

No matter how much you try to control your mind through training and meditation, however, negative emotions will arise within you. You’ll be lonely, sad, or angry at times. That is normal. As long as we live entangled with countless people and events, such emotions will arise.

Because we live in many external and internal environments, emotions are bound to arise according to changes in those environments — just as our days are not always sunny but sometimes cloudy, windy, or rainy. Holding your center allows you to calmly watch such changes.

Negative emotions — like loneliness, sadness, anger, and fear — are not necessarily bad. If we couldn’t feel anxiety or fear, how would humanity have been able to survive this long, dealing with life-threatening crises? How boring, dull, and shallow would our lives be if sadness and anger disappeared from them altogether? Our moments of joy and happiness feel that much more beautiful and precious because we have trying moments, too.

It’s important not to get bogged down by negative emotions. It’s natural for emotions to arise, but you must guard against getting stuck in those feelings and being led around by them. Flailing about in a quicksand of negative emotions for a long time saps your strength and makes you feel lonely, afraid, and unhappy. Such emotions bring your energy down, making it darker and heavier.

In particular, once you’re stuck in negative feelings about getting older, depressing thoughts come one after another, tempting you to give up. We begin to tell ourselves, “I’m powerless, sick, bored, lonely, and gradually getting older. I could die at any time. I’m scared.”

To avoid getting stuck in negative emotions, you need to be aware of your emotional state and to develop the strength to escape from it. That is the power of the soul. Nothing but the brightness of consciousness, the power of the soul, can calm the rolling waves of emotion. Once the power of your soul is awake, you can watch your feelings transform and renew your consciousness. You become able to use your environment as you wish instead of being controlled by it.

You think of your environment, whether good or difficult, as a problem that has been given to you for the growth of your soul, and you explore ways to achieve your soul’s growth through it. Will you get stuck in your environment, becoming its slave, or will you master your environment, putting it to good use? You must choose. Only then can you create happiness and become the true master of your life.

Looking back on my own life, I realize that I’ve suffered many twists and turns, and many struggles. Those difficult environments actually trained me. There were so many difficulties that I can’t list them all here, but I’ll tell you about one experience that put me in a very embarrassing environment.

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