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Neuroscience is such an ever-evolving, ever-important field. But not everyone had the chance to study it in college. Some may have an interest in the field, but may not know where to begin. With the sheer volume of information available, the number of subfields in neuroscience, and even the amount of books and online courses available, it can become difficult to narrow down focus and begin self-study.

Based on several top-tier schools (Yale, Harvard, MIT, Johns Hopkins, University of Pennsylvania, and Oxford University), here is a neuroscience curriculum, using only open-courseware.

A great online neuroscience teaser can be found here. A wonderful, complete online neuroscience textbook can be found here.

Introductory courses:

Principles of Neuroscience:

Behavioral Neuroscience:


Cellular/Molecular Neuroscience

Learning and Memory:

Systems Neuroscience:

Computational Neuroscience:

Cognitive Neuroscience:

Sensory Neuroscience:


— Rania Hanna

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