Thanksgiving: What You Ate and How You Did It!

Thanksgiving is fantastic! For many, it’s a nice time to get together and think about all the stuff that we are grateful for. We get to eat a lot, drink a lot, and hang out with people we like, a lot. So it’s no surprise that the traditional Thanksgiving feast is a splendor of high-class culinary achievement


In 2014, Americans are expected to spend a whopping 20% of their total income on their health. This will be a tremendous burden on the US economy, but it also…

The Cerebral Organoid Has Emerged

The cerebral organoid has been described as the size of a pea, but please don’t eat it. It is not a food. It is not something floating around in space…

Electric Symphonies of Small Effects

It’s the little things–we’ve all heard it, and probably so much that its meaning has gotten lost in the deep canals of our jaded ears. But when it comes to…

To Scratch an Itch

It’s officially mid-July, and in the ever-humid concrete jungle that is New York City, mosquitoes swarm the streets looking for some nice, hot blood. Last week I had a blast…

Facebook is Driving Me Mental

When I initially joined Facebook about two years ago, I thought it was pretty fun. It was nice to reconnect with a bunch of people I’ve lost touch with over…


Entry from Ibrahim Toure, a participant of the International Brain Education Association (IBREA)’s fourth World Youth Leadership Program which took place from May 26-31, 2013 in New York. The program…

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