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How Your Choices Link To Your Personality

There are a lot of important decisions to make in life and it is important to try to come up with tips that are going to help you make the best possible decisions. You need to think about the best ways of coming up with ideas that will help you here, and it is essential that you understand what can inform your decisions.

How To Choose The Best Primary Care Doctor

Putting the care of your health into the hands of a primary care doctor takes trust and some research. No one wants to deal with a doctor that makes them uncomfortable. You want to have the highest level of confidence. The challenge comes when trying to wade through your choices to find the physician that

Simple Ways for Students to Keep Their Grades Up

When you embark upon a new chapter in your life as a college student, you naturally have high hopes in terms of your education. You probably have every intention of working hard and getting great grades so that you can achieve your goals in terms of your future career. However, things don’t always go to plan

How Stress Affects Your Thinking — And How to Address It

Everyone experiences periods of stress from time to time. Triggered by daily events, it is often a passing feeling that most people are able to cope with. Even when more severe responses that last a bit longer occur, it is generally accepted as a passing experience and does not disrupt the daily course of life in

What Happens in the Brain When We Dream?

Every night, when you go to sleep, you dream. You might not remember exactly what you dreamed — or you may remember every detail with complete clarity, even if it didn’t make any sense — but even if you are certain that you didn’t dream, you likely did.

Psychology Of Investing: 5 Things To Be Aware Of

From a fairly young age, most of us are advised that we need to learn how to invest. We’re taught that this is just about the only responsible way to handle regular income and personal financial planning, even if many of us are never really instructed beyond this vague idea. Thus, for many at least, investing becomes

Renovia Completes Successful $32.3-Million Funding Round

Renovia, a company that is seeking to revolutionize the way in which pelvic floor disorders are diagnosed and treated, recently announced the successful completion of a Series B equity round. The funding round is just the latest in a series of successes for the Boston-based women’s health company

Unlocking the Power of the Mind

Many people vastly underestimate just how influential our mind is on the world around us. For the most part, people feel that our thoughts are intangible, and they have no real effect on the physical world. This is very far from the truth. While I wouldn’t say you should run outside and start to attempt to levitate rocks with your mind

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