Why It’s All About Sex

Do you think it’s possible to live forever? The question might seem preposterous, and the answer an obvious and screaming NO! And, of course, savvy modern science tells us that everything dies, typically in less than 100 years. Yet, our brothers and sisters from bygone eras care to differ.

In ancient China, “White Tigresses,” Taoist female masters and seemingly intrepid and virile women came from all walks of life, searching for youth, vitality and immortality. They used the power of sexuality to illuminate their minds and bring health to their bodies. At the very pinnacle of practice, they would be able to walk among the angels. That was not death, but a visit to the Immortal Realm, before returning back to Earth. These women still exist today. They tend to practice in secret, but Tigresses and their male counterparts, Dragons, are rumored to live and love in modern-day Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Traditional Buddhists teach that one should merge one’s consciousness with the eternal, like a drop of water merging with the sea. The Buddhist loses all identity of self and becomes an indistinguishable part of the eternal everything. Most monastic Buddhists live quiet lives of meditation and total celibacy, striving for a mental merging with the cosmos.

Not so for Tigresses and Dragons. They view sex as a powerful force. They even pity their Buddhist friends for abandoning such an incredible tool on the path to the Eternal. Sex guides them to heaven, and not just metaphorically.

Peeping into the science of sex tells us that when we have good sex we release loads of nourishing neurochemicals. What do these do? They make us feel like gods and help us look good. In other words, they are anti-aging.



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