Why Taking A Break Helps You Stay Productive

take a break

Are you the type of person who tells yourself that you are too busy to take a break? Unfortunately, society reinforces the idea that breaks are something to be viewed as negative — they are considered a weakness by some — and others think that it’s some sort of flex to work through their lunch or on vacation days. For many, all work and no play means that someone has a good work ethic and is going places.

Of course, it is important to work hard, but taking a break now and then does not mean you are weak. Taking a break gives you the chance to just breathe — it lets you sort out what’s going on in your mind, feel refreshed, and become recharged once again. A change of pace (and at times, even scenery) is what is needed to allow yourself to come back to work motivated — and ready to work with a fresh perspective.

Everyone Can Burnout

Despite what lots of people believe — you can’t just “walk off” a burnout. Burnout is something that can’t be pushed off or ignored. If you’re feeling unexpected afternoon slumps often, it’s not because of a lack of enough sleep last night or having a large lunch that day. Chances are that you are feeling burnout. If you work every day with little to no rest, you are eventually going to experience burnout. You’ll feel exhausted, question your choices, and even make poor decisions. You will be left feeling very unproductive on a daily basis. Your best option is to start taking breaks and getting the right amount of rest.

How Breaks Help

Taking a break has a number of benefits that you might need to remind yourself of — in order to ensure that you learn to value them. If you ever feel guilty for taking a break, you just need to remind yourself that your break is going to help you keep productive and stay motivated. Depending on the severity of your burnout, your break could be as involved as taking a lengthy vacation — or as simple as soaking in a tub, with organic CBD bath bombs, for example — or even just taking an evening stroll. Keep in mind that taking a break can make all the difference in three critical ways.

Retain Information Better

If you want to retain information for long periods of time — you need to sleep. Sleeping is the time that your brain sorts out what happened during the day and processes that information. If you’re not getting enough sleep, you are impacting the way your brain functions. A lack of sleep can cloud your judgment and cause you to forget things very easily.

While you might have heard that “sleep is for the weak” — what is really happening is that a lack of sleep is making you weak. If you really need to improve your sleep routine, you can start by getting a sleep tracker — so you can monitor how much sleep you are getting — and find ways to improve your amount.

take a break

Improve Focus

If you are not taking breaks or getting enough rest, you will have a harder time focusing for lengthy periods of time. Even a short break can improve your concentration. Allowing yourself to have even small mental breaks helps you to stay focused on your work.

See The Big Picture

Taking a break can allow you to have better judgment. You are giving yourself time to process information and have a chance to see the big picture. You will be better able to evaluate your progress, find opportunities, and analyze your accomplishments.

Incorporating breaks into your routine — and getting proper rest — results in a total improvement on your health — by improving your body, mind, and spirit. So don’t forget or rationalize — just take a break today!

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