Why You Should Always Get A Second (Medical) Opinion


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When was the last time that you visited your family doctor? According to some studies, the average American tends to visit their doctor at least four times per year. That could sounds like a lot to you if you only see a doctor for your yearly physical — or not too much if you are currently dealing with a chronic illness or medical condition.

For example, you could have some kind of leg pain and your doctor might not be sure about the cause. In this case, you probably have had much more than four visits to the doctor’s office. You have had to experience a number of medical tests and examinations until your doctor eventually finds the root cause. Once that’s done, they’ll send you to a specialist, and you’ll find out if that works or not.

This entire process can take weeks or months. While it’s probably a good sign that your doctor cares about your health and is trying to provide you with the best service possible, there’s a more cynical thought that could be true as well — what if they’re just trying to get as much money from you as possible?

Doctors May Not Always Have Your Best Interests At Heart

It’s not completely unheard of for doctors to be on the border of what’s considered ethical. After all, most people can’t really argue with a doctor because they don’t have the same kind of medical experience. This doesn’t just apply to doctors either. Dentists can also be guilty of this, especially considering that many health insurance plans don’t actually cover dental care. If you want to start taking care of your teeth, then you’ll need to pay a lot out of your own pocket for procedures like root canals and extractions.

But how do you tell if these are actually necessary or not? Is it possible to tell if health care experts are just trying to make money from you?

Unless you’re a health care expert yourself, it’s not that easy. Doctors can send you for tests with the assumption that you have some kind of illness or condition that needs to be diagnosed as soon as possible. On the surface, this can be out of genuine concern for you. But there’s always the possibility that your doctor knows what it is and is still sending you for tests knowing that they can extract more cash from you. There’s also the third option; that the doctor is incompetent and is sending you for tests that you don’t need.

It’s worth mentioning that this isn’t exactly common. However, the concern is always there and you might be unlucky enough to have met a family doctor that isn’t exactly ethical. But how can you call them out for this? If you really feel like you’re being taken for a ride, what are some ways for you to confront your doctor?

Always Seek A Second Opinion For Serious Medical Issues

One of the best ways to ensure that you’re receiving proper medical advice — and paying the right amount of money for your care — is to seek a second opinion.

For example, if you feel like your dentist is suggesting lots of strange procedures or telling you things that you find a little suspicious, then it’s a good idea to speak with another dentist to get a second opinion. You could look for reputable dental practices like Whites Dental Care, or you could even get in touch over the internet with a reputable dentist on a community forum. If they have the right credentials and are willing to help you out, then they could give you a professional second opinion that might conflict with your regular health care specialist.

You could also just look for another doctor, dentist, or any health care expert that you need. Doing a quick Google search should reveal plenty of different options, and you can always let them know about your current doctor that has given you a questionable opinion. There’s also the option of speaking with friends and family members if you’re lucky enough to know a health care specialist.

If you’re lucky, then the second opinion will match your initial one. This usually means that the suggested procedures, diagnosis, or whatever your doctor told you is true and can be believed. This usually means that you can continue to trust your health care specialist, but it doesn’t mean you should let your guard down.

What To Do If Your Medical Provider Is Being Unethical

If you suspect that a health care expert is being unethical then there are a number of ways to report this behavior.

For starters, if they are blatantly trying to get more money from you in a shameless way by lying or exaggerating a condition that you have, then you can report them to a governing body. Reporting a doctor should usually be considered a last resort as it can have serious implications on their career. Before you report a doctor, it’s important that you speak with them and confront them about it beforehand.

Reporting a doctor can lead to many complications, but it could also lead to many more patients being spared from future frustrations. Medical malpractice can be extremely tragic at times, especially if health care specialists are purposely misdiagnosing something and selling useless medication for the sake of money.

If you’d prefer not to confront them directly, then we suggest picking another doctor in order to find someone that you find more trustworthy. Family and friend recommendations can work great for this, but you can also look for specialists that have positive reviews. But even if you do find a more caring and professional health care specialist, it’s good to never let your guard down and always seek out a second opinion. In short, never completely rely on a single health care expert when possible.

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