Adventures of an Outlier Explorer: An Interview with William A. Tiller

BW: One of your working hypotheses is “We are all spirits having a physical experience.” Can you describe your view of human reality?

WT: We are humans having a physical experience, and we ride the river of life together. The personality self is our bio-body suit. Our souls come into that bio-body suit at the beginning of physical life. There are two layers to the bio-body suit. One is the electric atom-molecule layer, and the second is the magnetic information wave layer — the layer which exists in the physical vacuum. That layer comes first. It is thought to become the template upon which the electric atom-molecule embryo of the beginning baby is born. Because it’s faster than light, you can’t see the inner layer, so people don’t realize it’s there.

The acupuncture meridian layer is part of this inner layer. The human unconscious is part of the inner layer. The place where homeopathy works is in this inner layer. These are very difficult to prove unequivocally because you can’t see them. And although nothing histological can be seen, you can see electrical patterns in the acupuncture meridian system that tell you that there’s higher electrical conductivity.

The human conscious appears to operate in less than 50 bits per second, while the human unconscious has a capacity of more than 50 million bits per second. So, the unconscious is really where all the work is done. We are mostly unconscious. The unconscious puts together little kernels of information which it feeds to the conscious, so the conscious can have a sense of the experience of being alive. But it only sends this information along pathways that the conscious mind has heretofore given meaning to.

The soul self is what is really evolving. In my modeling, it is a combination of the emotion domain, the mind domain and a portion of the spirit domain. As a person evolves in consciousness, they evolve more and more of their soul-self level.

Many people are not terribly conscious. Their soul self is not highly active and prosperous. But the information from that personality self is stored in the soul self and eventually makes its way into the higher spirit self. The soul self continues and evolves after lifetime, after lifetime, after lifetime. Basically, it is close to being eternal, and it re-embodies again, and again, and again. If a person experiences physical death, it’s a shame, but it’s not an irrevocable problem. You will eventually be reborn. You have that opportunity. That’s a concept or idea that is not perfectly appreciated in our everyday world.

Then there’s the high spirit self (or the source self, or the god self ). And here’s where we’ve run out of ability to answer questions that are beyond our level of consciousness. In my modeling, there’s our relative universe, wherein we can create change through our thoughts, attitudes, and actions. There’s an absolute universe, as well, that is totally spirit, and that’s where our high-spirit self resides. But, can I say anything experimental or meaningful about that? No, we’re not there yet.

BW: Can you tell me a story of an experiment that demonstrates how these ideas can be applied for positive results?

WT: I had a student who wanted to do her doctoral thesis on depression and anxiety. She found 520 patients from medical doctors. The treatment group consisted of 260 patients from the middle part of Pennsylvania and Guelph, Canada. The control group also had 260 patients. Our broadcast center was near Springfield, Missouri — some 1,500 miles away from the treatment group. The control site was in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. At the broadcast site, we scrolled the names and addresses of the individuals through a computer that was located in the same room as the Intention-Imprinted Electrical Device. The device was imprinted by four experienced meditators with an intention for improved health, decreased anxiety, and decreased depression. We did the same thing in Cedar Rapids, but without the intention host device. Everything else was the same.

Over eight months, the treatment group reported a significant decrease in depression and anxiety with less than one chance in 1,000 that it occurred by random chance. We call this “information medicine.” It is the information, the intention, the words that made the difference.

The control group showed no change. All humans can do this if they just build their abilities to broadcast into their own bio-field by just increasing the capabilities of their heart and their own desire to heal someone else.

BW: Tell us about your newest experiment involving autistic children. What compelled you to take this on, and what is your highest hope for the result?

WT: These children are not broken or damaged. They are advanced souls where there is thought to be a serious mismatch between their soul self and their bio-body-suit self. This results in what some of us see as very odd behavior. During this experiment, a clear, coherent intention is being broadcast to 44 children all over the world and another intention to 44 of their parents in order to beneficially alter their energetic state.

We began the imprinting process on December 3rd. The very next day, we heard from one of our parents that on December 4th, her nonspeaking child’s eyes were bright, she was talking to her sister and sleeping through the night. Over the next few days, her speech grew. The point is that we are much, much more than our physical selves. I think that there are implications far beyond this experiment; implications for such perplexing illnesses as fibromyalgia and other immune system disorders.

BW: When you look out over the scientific horizon today, which discoveries cause you to be hopeful that we will continue to grow in our understanding of the consciousness-unconsciousness connection?

WT: Our own work is, in fact, some of the most important work being done in the world, because it is opening a new door. Orthodox science is in trouble. The Higgs boson is a very significant piece of work. Orthodox scientists say it’s going to open up all kinds of things. The dilemma for me is that it actually provides closure for the “standard model.” They’ve got to go to work now; they’ve got to finally look at data that they have abandoned.

They are just as bad as the theocrats were — they try to sweep all the parapsychological work under the rug. They don’t look at the work that I am doing which shows that we can explain so many things. They don’t even know what dark matter is.

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