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How Climate Change Affects Our Brains

Call it what you want — global warming or climate change — but we can all agree that it isn’t beneficial for anyone. In fact, the latest studies are beginning to show just how much of an impact climate change has had in the past, is currently having, and may have on the way human beings evolve in the future. [ … ]


Walking Yourself Young

Walking requires no special equipment or clothing, and it can be done at just about any place and any time. even the busiest person can find time to work it into a schedule. Just start by finding creative ways to add more steps to your day, and soon you will find that you have doubled your level of physical activity [ … ]

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Mob Mentality: The Madness of the Crowd

While we probably dread the long lines on the city commute home from work, we’ll probably shuffle through the line, watching each other for directions and social cues. On any given day, you may find yourself trusting a random stranger for directions more than a bus station timetable or a gateway sign. As independent as we [ … ]

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Happiness from a Parent’s Perspective

Most of us can recall, as children, waiting anxiously for a promised treat from a parent or grandparent. The classic 1972 experiment by Walter Mischel of Stanford University found that only one-third of children were able to delay for 15 minutes eating a single marshmallow, while left alone with it [ … ]

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How Brain-Based Holistic Education Empowers Women

Out of 1,000 people, 504 are men (50.4 percent) and 496 are women (49.6 percent). We’re talking about half the world’s population. Vulnerable and disadvantaged women, and those who experience discrimination and inequality of any kind, need to be empowered if we are to achieve full inclusivity and the United Nations’ goals of sustainable development. [ … ]

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The Neuroscience of Lying

Lying is natural. It’s actually pretty necessary for our survival. Can you imagine always having to tell the truth? “How old do you think I am?” or “Do you like my cooking?” are questions we don’t always want to answer honestly, and so we don’t. While additional inquires are often suspended after [ … ]