Catch A (Brain) Wave

Your brain is composed of neurons, which deliver information to other neurons. In the process, they generate electrical changes, which gather and generate brain waves. Their frequency is a reflection of your brain activity, which can be measured by an electroencephalogram (EEG). Generally, there are four types of brain waves.

4 Simple Secrets To Brain Health

Don’t view stress as a problem, but as a challenge. A skier on a mountaintop may interpret her pounding heart, fast breathing and sweaty palms as fear or excitement. Every stressful situation creates physiological symptoms — but you can decide how to play it.

Is Mitochondria The Key That Unlocks Brain Health?

Equipped with their own sets of DNA, mitochondria are both a crucial part of our cells and a list of potential problems waiting to happen. The mitochondrial DNA harbors a number of mutations that can be provoked by any number of factors — even seemingly benign ones like age or stress. Damage to the mitochondria can also

Overcoming Perfectionism During The Pandemic

On the surface, perfectionists seem to possess an abundance of admirable qualities: they are exceptionally driven, detail-oriented, and highly motivated. But the flawless image they present to others may actually be masking serious distress. “One of the big concerns about perfectionists is they often put on a front,” says

How Air Quality Affects Your Health

Living in an urban environment means that air pollution is slowly affecting your health. However, you are impacted by air quality even if you do not live in a city, as smoke from climate change-induced wildfires can reach across entire countries. Without immediate and dramatic actions from the world community, air quality

Seeking A Healthy Mind During The COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 epidemic has raised concern among mental health care professionals worldwide in regard to how containment protocols, increasing death rates, and further social isolation procedures may negatively affect our mental health. A wave of new mental health disorders may indeed be on the way, especially as COVID-19 cases

Finding Your Natural Rhythm To Sleep Well

Sleep is integral to a healthy life. It helps our bodies heal quicker — and our brains to rebuild so that they can function to the best way possible. Despite this many people aren’t sure of how much sleep they should be getting and how that can affect their brain function throughout the day.

Exploring The Brain-Changing Magic Of Novelty

Make your lives extraordinary — it seems like good advice, if not a bit too broad to pin down. All too often, we find ourselves trapped in a routine that can sometimes be hard to break, finding comfort in predictability, but every so often, we’ll see something unique — or hear about someone else’s vacation described in bold detail, and decide

Taking Advantage of Technology For Your Health

Technology is not just for work or play anymore. It has become an essential tool in the health care industry. From apps that help track your appointments to social media campaigns that raise awareness, there are many ways you can take advantage of technology to stay healthy and informed about your health. Here are four innovative ways

Why Taking A Break Helps You Stay Productive

Are you the type of person who tells yourself that you are too busy to take a break? Unfortunately, society reinforces the idea that breaks are something to be viewed as negative — they are considered a weakness by some — and others think that it’s some sort of flex to work through their lunch or on vacation days. All work and no

Can Neurofeedback “Perfect” Your Memories?

Computational neuroscientists are working in the proof-of-concept stages for a therapeutic treatment known as decoded neurofeedback (DecNef) in which the brain accumulates and processes neural signals and can modify select ones using computer algorithms.

Nod Your Head Up And Down (And Make Yourself Happy)

Did you know that research has found when you nod your head up and down at least 100 times a day, looking up at the ceiling and down at your toes, your vision will improve? You are strengthening the muscles in your neck and increasing blood circulation to the head and eyes. The stimulation from the neck also travels down the spine

10 Building Blocks For Better Brain Health

With age comes several changes, both physically and mentally. While there are many things we cannot control when it comes to aging, such as genetics, how well we take care of ourselves will largely determine whether you suffer some form of cognitive decline or illness as you get older. Your brain is a complex organ with many

Flu And Fever Fun: Dealing With This Common Illness

I had plans for my week off — but here I am sitting in a pool of formally white tissues — now covered in an array of tinted mucus. With my collection of antihistamines, decongestants, and anti-inflammatory drugs, I started to wonder about what was happening to my body’s immune system. Was it still fighting for me — or did it bail

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