Why Can It Be So Difficult To Lose Weight?


lose weight

Many people want to lose weight — it could be to look good in the mirror — or due to having low energy levels. If you constantly feel exhausted and drained, then it’s possible that your weight is contributing to this health factor. If you are overweight, it also can be more difficult to find the energy that you need to get through the day. We all know that losing weight isn’t easy, so here are some obstacles you could encounter on your weight loss journey.

A Lack Of Sleep

One of the key factors that is often overlooked in attempts to lose weight is the importance of sleep. If you want to drop the pounds you have to give your body the right amount of time to rest. This is critical, especially if you are working out as part of your diet plan. You should aim to get a full eight hours of sleep each night.  Do be aware that the quality of sleep also matters here — you might spend those hours of sleep tossing and turning. If that’s the case then your body isn’t actually getting the rest it needs. You might even wake up feeling exhausted.

So, how can you improve your quality of sleep? Well, you need to remove things from your sleep environment that keep you up through the night. An example could be your phone. Ideally, you should switch this off long before it’s time for you to go to sleep. You should also have a couple hours before bed without technology. You can spend this time reading a book or perhaps writing down your thoughts and feelings.

The Wrong Type Of Workout

Another reason why you might struggle to lose weight is if you are completing the wrong type of workout. A lot of people think that any workout is fine. But this isn’t the case, particularly if you have specific goals. For instance, you might want to lose weight on your arms. If that’s the case, then you need to focus on cardio exercises that will burn fat in these areas.

It’s also important that you are working out for the right amount of time. Some people think that ninety-second workouts will deliver the best results. Be careful with this though because it is more suited for people who are looking to tone up or strengthen existing muscle mass. It may not provide the right benefits for someone who is looking to lose a lot of weight. If you have a set weight that you want to reach and it requires you to drop a lot of pounds. Then you should be aiming to workout about forty-five minutes every couple of days. You should also keep track of your resting time. Too much resting time is similar to yo-yo dieting. It will ruin your plans and mean that exercising becomes a little redundant overall.

Slow Metabolism

Another reason why you might struggle to lose weight is due to your metabolism. It’s possible that you have a slower metabolism. This means that it’s going to be easier for you to put on weight and harder for you to take it off. There is some truth when people say that all they have to do is look at cake to put on weight. Some people are more likely to gain weight than others. While unfair, there’s nothing that you can do about this except work to boost your metabolism.

One of the ways that you can do this is by drinking an ice cold glass of water each morning. Studies do suggest that this is one of the ways that you can give your metabolism a little speed boost. You also need to think about making certain specific changes to your diet. For instance, you should aim to eat more protein in your diet. Eating more protein is always going to speed up your metabolism and it will make it easier to build muscle instead of fat. As you might have guessed, the right level of sleep will also ensure that your metabolism is helping you drop those pounds.

lose weight

Mind Over Matter

Finally, it’s possible that the reason that you struggle to lose weight is rooted in your psychology. For example, you might always feel hungry, even after you have eaten a full meal. If this is the case, then it’s always going to be more difficult to lose weight because you’ll always be eating more than you should. For people in this situation, they often consider gastric sleeve surgery. According to Dr Govind Krishna, this type of treatment will ensure that you feel more full than usual because it shrinks the usable space in the stomach, which makes it easier for people to diet or eat less.

Another issue can be tied to cheat days. Cheat days are often used as part of a diet plan to stop an accidental binge. However, if you take too many cheat days, then you will essentially fall into the habit of yo-yo dieting. That’s going to mean that you eat unhealthy food, stop, rinse, and repeat. It confuses your body and can mean that you find it hard to drop any weight at all.

These are some of the key reasons why it can be more difficult for certain people to lose weight as compared to others. If you take the right steps, then you can make sure that you do see the results that you hoped for with your weight loss plans. You can also avoid slipping into the traps that so many people stumble upon during their weight loss journey.

Remember, the trick — (if it’s even a trick!) — is to set goals that you can measure and are obtainable. If do are realistic in your weight loss journey, then you will guarantee that you always feel like you are making progress.

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