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Nurturing Well-Being with Nature

Neurobiological research has been showing us again and again that there is a strong association between our psychophysiological well-being and nature. But the loss of biodiversity, population growth, climate change, and urban relocation are posing major challenges to not only the natural environment but also to our psychophysiological well-being. [ … ]


Namaste: Yoga for the Aging Brain

For thousands of years, yoga has stood as one of the most important practices for spiritual discipline and transcendence of the ego. But today, yoga has made its way from out of the ashrams and into multiple neurological institutes and research centers throughout the world, being investigated as a new treatment approach to some of today’s most complicated neurophysiological conditions. [ … ]

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Can People Have Superhuman Strength?

Tales of superhuman strength, also referred to as hysterical strength, can be found in many ancient Norse sagas dating from the late ninth century. Elite Scandinavian warriors, known as berserkers (a term derived from the Old Norse berserkr), were known to enter battle with an untamable, trance-like fury resulting in spurts of superhuman strength [ … ]