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Seeking A Healthy Mind During The COVID-19 Pandemic

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The COVID-19 epidemic has raised concern among mental health care professionals worldwide in regard to how containment protocols, increasing death rates, and further social isolation procedures may negatively affect our mental health. A wave of new mental health disorders may indeed be on the way, especially as COVID-19 cases

Nurturing Well-Being With Nature

Neurobiological research has been showing us again and again that there is a strong association between our psychophysiological well-being and nature. But the loss of biodiversity, population growth, climate change, and urban relocation are posing major challenges to not only the natural environment but also to our

How Did Our “Social Brain” Evolve?

Beginning about 2.5 million years ago a particular organ underwent a threefold increase in volume, leading to the creation one of nature’s most complex, social, and efficient structures: the human brain. The explanations as to what drove this progressive development are still debatable, yet evolutionary

Standing Up for Health: Immobility and the Brain

The average American adult sits an average of eight hours a day and sleeps an average of eight hours, resulting in a sedentary lifestyle of around 16 hours a day. While Americans know about the importance of exercise, only around 31 percent go to the gym, and around 56 percent devote less than $10 per month

Namaste: Practicing Yoga for the Aging Brain

For thousands of years, yoga has stood as one of the most important practices for spiritual discipline and transcendence of the ego. But today, yoga has made its way from out of the ashrams and into multiple neurological institutes and research centers throughout the world, being investigated