Brain Awareness Week

March 16–22 / Worldwide
Brain Awareness Week (BAW) is an international campaign dedicated to advancing public awareness about the progress and benefits of brain research. Founded and coordinated by the Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives and its sister organization, the European Dana Alliance for the Brain, BAW is now entering its 14th year as a catalyst for public understanding of brain science. The Dana Alliances are joined in the campaign by partners from around the world, including universities, hospitals, patient groups, government agencies, schools, service organizations and professional associations.
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bw_issue1Brain World magazine launch; Brain Education seminar

March 19 / United Nations Headquarters, New York City, United States
In celebration of launching Brain World magazine and Brain Awareness Week, an introduction to Brain Education, to support the personal and organizational well-being, effectiveness and productivity of members of the United Nations and the NGO community, will be held at the United Nations on March 19. Anyone who is involved in the UN community, including United Nations officials and staff, Permanent Mission representatives and staff, NGO representatives, family members and colleagues are welcome to join.
The seminar will include simple and clear explanations of how the brain works and how it is responsible for our experience and behavior. Participants will be taught practical exercises aimed at improving physical and mental well-being, increasing productivity and creativity, aiding decision-making, and effective leadership.
For more information please contact Ms. Passion Jun at ju*@ib***.org.


Brain Education Special Workshop for UN Affiliates

April 4–5 / Honors’ Haven Resort and Spa, Ellenville, NY, United States
A special Brain Education workshop will be held in upstate New York to teach Brain Education Steps 2 and 3. This training helps participants change unhealthy habits, become more flexible and turn negatives into positives.
For more information please contact Ms. Ju-Eun Shin at sh**@ib***.org.


Learning, Arts & the Brain conference; The Creative Brain: Arts, Cognition & Learning

May 7–9 / Washington, D.C.,
United States
Neuroscience is exploring the neural basis of creativity and the connections between the arts, music, dance, drama and cognition. This conference will explore the latest brain research on how the arts can improve achievement, learning, reading, math, mood and interventions for learning disorders, and will offer strategies to create more creative-thinking students and schools.
The conference will take place in conjunction with a Learning, Arts & the Brain summit and roundtable discussion on May 6 at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD. The summit’s Arts & Creativity conference is co-sponsored by Johns Hopkins University School of Education and the Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives.
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japan3rd International Brain Education Seminar in Japan

May 24 (10:30 a.m.–5 p.m.) / Big Site, Tokyo, Japan
An International Brain Education seminar is going to be held in Tokyo on May 24 by IBREA Japan.
World-renowned scientists and educators will present new findings and research on the Brain and Brain Education, including case studies on Brain Wave Vibration. In addition to the presentations, various experiential sessions will be held.
The keynote speakers are Dr. Komiya Noboru, Ph.D. (Psychologist from Osaka University of Economics), Dr. Nobori Mikio (Vice-president of Japan Laughing Association; Director, Healthy Longevity Center) and Mr. Ilchi Lee (President of IBREA and the University of Brain Education).
For more information; contact Tanigawa Kiyomi at 052-915-1117 or Philsuk Kim at 090-1962-7720.


The Conference on Early Learning at the University of Washington

June 5–6 / University of Washington Tower, Seattle, WA, United States
A team of UW experts will pre­sent its latest research, resources and ideas that foster early learning. This is a key opportunity for educators, state legislators, advocacy groups, counselors, community leaders and parents to influence early learning as advocated by Washington Gov. Christine Gregoire.
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Civil Society Developmental Forum

July 2–4 / Geneva, Switzerland
CONGO Civil Society Development Forum 2009: Implementing the Internationally Agreed Goals and Commitments in regard to Global Public Health, will be held July 2–4 in Geneva, Switzerland. It will be held back-to-back with ECOSOC’s High-Level Segment (July 6–10), which will focus on the theme, “Implementing the internationally agreed goals and commitments in regard to global public health.”

ECOSOC High Level Meeting on Health

July 6–9 / Geneva, Switzerland
The Annual Ministerial Review (AMR) is a function of the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) mandated by heads of state and government at the 2005 World Summit. Its purpose is to assess progress made toward the MDGs and the implementation of the other goals and targets agreed at the major UN conferences and summits over the past 15 years, which together constitute the United Nations Development Agenda (UNDA); and to contribute to scaling-up and accelerating action to realize the development agenda by serving as a global high-level forum with broad-based participation, where lessons learned are exchanged and successful practices and approaches that merit scaling-up are identified.
The 2009 Annual Ministerial Review (AMR), held during the high-level segment of the annual session of the Economic and Social Council (July 6–9) at the Palais des Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, will focus on “Implementing the internationally agreed goals and commitments in regard to global public health.” This year, as an NGO in consultative relationship with UN ECOSOC, the Korea Institute of Brain Science is going to propose recommendations on the role of Brain Education in global mental health.
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Vibrate your Brain to Life: Brain Education Lecture

July 25 / Logan Hall, Institute of Education, London University, UK
A Brain Education lecture will be held for the benefit of the general public at the London University in the UK on July 25, from 2:45 to 5:00 p.m.
The subject of the half-day seminar will be “Vibrate your Brain to Life: Get back into the rhythm of health and happiness.” It will address stress management, creativity, physical vitality and healing ability in the brain.
To reserve a place, please contact Claire Gaudry at 01372 743 911 or in**@hs********.com.


events_olympiad15th International Brain HSP Olympiad and Olympiad Camp

August 12 / New York City,
United States
In commemoration of UN International Youth Day, the 5th International Brain HSP Olympiad (IHSPO) will be held on August 12 at the United Nations. IHSPO was created out of the necessity for a new olympiad that fits the 21st century—the century of the brain. It emphasizes the unlimited potential of the brain and fosters emerging 21st-century talent, which manifests the abilities associated with integrated brain utilization. The Olympiad also raises awareness that the brain is the key to the recovery of humanity.
events_olympiad2IHSPO participants compete not on their knowledge of facts but on the functioning of their neural systems and faculties. The Brain Window event tests the ability to perceive colors without ordinary visual sensory information. The Speed Brain event tests the ability to recognize and remember visual cues (colors, letters and symbols) in a fraction of a second. The HSP Gym Event challenges participants to hold demanding postures for extended periods, using motor systems and balance of the two hemispheres of the brain. In Body Sense Perception, contestants use subtle physical senses to identify liquids (water, juice or milk) without visual information. The IHSPO celebrates the integrated functioning of the brain itself, not just athleticism or knowledge. The IHSPO has been held annually since 2005.
This year, IHPSO will be celebrated in conjunction with the Brain Art Festival, occurring on August 15. Some activities and results of the Olympiad will be demonstrated at the festival.
Prior to the Olympiad, summer camp for children and adults is going to be held from August 8–11 at Honor’s Haven Resort and Spa to learn Brain Education through various activities.
For more information please contact in**@ib***.org or 1-212-319-0848 or visit

Brain Art Festival and Brain Expo

August 15 / Radio City Music Hall, New York City, United States
World-renowned brain educator and inspirational speaker Ilchi Lee is bringing his dazzling revue of Brain Art expression to Radio City Music Hall. The Brain Art Festival is a uniquely synergistic experience of Ilchi Lee’s interactive lecture with stimulating music, exquisite visual arts and heart-pounding dance performances. The Festival presents a dynamic celebration of the human brain and its amazing capabilities through creative expression of music, messages and action.
This super-charged healing adventure features Brain Wave Vibration, a breakthrough experience that unites your body and mind. Immerse yourself in the rhythm of life and rediscover your joy as the Festival’s powerful, magical stories unfold.
For more information visit or contact el**@ib***.org.

Ongoing Workshops, Activities and Projects

Brain Education School Projects

Throughout the year / United States, Canada, Russia and the Republic of Korea
The goal of the IBREA BE School Project is to help schools create a “Power Brain” academic culture that promotes health, happiness, peacefulness and optimal student achievement. To this end, a variety of programs for students, teachers, parents and administrators are offered. These highly experiential, fun, and challenging programs are designed to encourage each member of the school community to maximize his or her fullest potential.
For more information please contact in**@ib***.org

Earth Love Campaign: Tree Planting Projects

Throughout the year / Japan
As a supporter of the Billion Tree Project of the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP), IBREA Japan is conducting projects for tree planting. Through this project, last year a team from Japan assisted teens’ and children’s participation in a tree-planting program called TUNZA, which was recognized by UNEP.
For more information please contact in**@ib***.org or Tanigawa Kiyomi at 052-915-1117.

Brain Management Consultant education / Online Brain Education Course

Throughout year / worldwide
Brain Education programs have been used with great success by organizations and government agencies around the world, including private groups, workplaces, schools and the military. As the demand for Brain Education grows in North America, Russia, Europe, Africa, Asia and South America, a certification system has been developed to meet the need for qualified Brain Management Consultants worldwide.
This summer, an online Brain Education Course will be released for anyone who wants to learn Brain Education for their own benefit and the benefits of others.
For more information please contact in**@ib***.org.

Brain Education and Brain Wave Vibration open seminar

Throughout the year / worldwide
Brain Education and Brain Wave Vibration seminars are happening in many locations in several countries, including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, the Republic of Korea, Japan and Hong Kong.
For more information please contact in**@ib***.org.

For other various workshops related to Brain Education, please visit or contact in**@ib***.org.


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