Global Giving Bonus Day: Help Students Get to the United Nations

This August, IBREA Foundation is hosting a conference on Youth Mental Well-Being at the United Nations. We have carefully selected four exemplary students from our brain education programs that we feel would benefit most from attending this event.

With your contributions we will be able to fund the transportation expenses for these worthy children from El Salvador, Liberia, and Sierra Leone. This is an incredible opportunity for these students to travel and discover their unlimited potential.

These students live in areas where socio-economic conditions are low as a result of civil wars, gang violence, and minimal educational opportunities. At this time, their families do not have the means to support their participation in this conference. The four students are working hard on their speeches to represent their community at the U.N. and show their determination and strong will to create a brighter future.

Laura, Grecia, Monen and Aminata are determined to make it to the conference and would greatly appreciate your collaboration. If just a number of people put in any small contribution, they can see their dream come true. The students are fundraising individually to gather funds for their meals and other pocket money during their stay in New York but at this point it is not enough.

By participating in this conference at the United Nations the students will not only have the chance to represent their community and the potential of the young people in it at the global scale, but they will bring this inspiration back home and give hope to their peers.

They are very responsible and grateful, and we are confident they will make the best out of their experience in terms of long-term sustainable results in their school and community.

If you would like to help, you can donate with Global Giving.

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