Has Standardized Testing Run Its Course?

The human brain is the most multifaceted biological puzzle in the known universe; consequently, it is enormously difficult to simultaneously assess the knowledge, skills and/or content understanding of large quantities of individuals with standardized testing alone. Regardless, for the past decade and a half, American schools have been pursuing the same unrealistic target: proficiency in reading and math by all pupils by 2014, regardless of conditions, and circumstances that can interfere with academic success.

This goal reduces education facilities to a type of learning factory in which every child is seen as identical raw material to be converted into the same final product at the end of the academic assembly line. Testing and accountability have become nearly synonymous terms although their definitions bear no meaningful similarity; anyone who’s worked with children can attest to the gross distinctions among them, mainly that they master skills at different rates and learn in scores of different ways. They could perform better if they are given adequate amounts of time.


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