Laughing Is Great Exercise for Your Brain

Smiling and laughing is great exercise for your brain. It is a very effective way to supply oxygen to the brain. Once you start to smile and laugh, there is joy coming from your heart. You don’t need a specific reason to be joyful, for joy has been inside of us from the very beginning of our lives.

Your brain experiences a transformation simply by laughing one time. If you laugh intensely, you will be using nerves in the brain, as well as facial muscles, that you do not ordinarily use. It can be better to laugh for five minutes than to exercise for five hours. Continuing to laugh with all your heart, you will begin to see your face and skeleton change. Your health will be improved and your life will change.

When you look in the mirror, meet other people or are alone in your room, laugh to the fullest! It is what your brain wants. This practice is based on the principles and methodologies of Ilchi Lee.

1. Find a mirror and observe your face for a while.

Look very carefully at your face. It is said that the face is a reflection of the mind. What kind of reflection appears in your face? Is your face shining or gloomy? Is it tense or relaxed? Is it joyful or irritated? Or is it more or less blank?

2. Smile at yourself in the mirror.

Watch your smile. Does your smile look natural and comfortable? Is your facial expression too hard to express a big smile because of tension?

3. Relax your shoulders and close your eyes.

Then smile gently and feel your brain. Can you feel your face and brain become relaxed with your smiling? Soon you will feel the same comfort in your heart, as there is an energy line that connects your heart to your brain.

4. Now, make a frowning face.

As soon as you distort your face, the energy center in your heart is blocked and your brain gets tense. This makes sense, considering that smiling and laughing affect your brain so positively.

5. Repeat this exercise several times — first smiling, then frowning.

This exercise is excellent stimulation for your brain.

6. Now laugh intensely, shaking your whole body.

First, make your face laugh, then your chest, your belly button, your knees, and finally your toes. When you are laughing, every energy center in your body is wide open, from the top of your brain to the bottom of your feet. Now you will be brimming over with energy.

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