The 21st Century Wants You

ilchilee-pathWhat do you think exists between birth and death? The truth is, issues of birth and death are out of our control. However, there is a choice that we can control between the two of them, birth and death. Life is actually a sequence of choices, and we should do our best to always make good ones. To forge a complete life, you must make your values the purpose of your life. This is true for all humankind and essential to the future of the Earth.
__ There is a phrase in a song sung by one of my favorite Korean pop singers: “The reason why I came to the Earth is that the 21st century sincerely hoped I would be here.” I really love this lyric. Sometimes, when I give a lecture, I recommend the audience loudly declare this lyric to themselves.
__ The reason we are here on Earth, in this moment, is not something that has been decided beforehand. It is a matter of our choice, right now. As long as I happen to be living in the 21st century, I would like to contribute my part to make the Earth a more beautiful and meaningful place. And the more people who think this way, the more abundant life will be. The Earth will be a better place to live.
When the spirit of Hong Ik (to benefit humanity) in the human brain and our inner greatness resonate with one another, we are able to transcend our individual limitations for the sake of the Earth’s future. The future of Earth does not depend on the birth of one great man or woman. It depends on the birth of a great humankind. This is the only lasting hope for the Earth. (bw)

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  1. This is a very inspiring message. Thank you for letting me know that the 21st century has been waiting for me! I will remind myself to keep choosing to live for the benefit of humanity and the Earth.

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