Children learn to restore brain function and connect to the whole body within.
by Margaret Emory

Located in Germany’s bustling international business and financial center of Düsseldorf at 10 Quirinstrasse is the HSP (Health, Smile, Peace) Training Center, which provides training for instructors in Brain Education.
Brain Education, a revolutionary holistic educational method, is currently offered in 13 schools within the Düsseldorf area: eight Elementary schools—GGS Knittkuhl, GS Albert-Schweitzer (Neuss), GS Kartause-Hain, GS Carl-Sonnenschein, SKG St. Franziskus, GS Kaiserswerth, KGS Einsiedelstrasse, GS Helmholzstrasse; four schools for learning disabilities—Martin-Luther-King Schule, Jan-Daniel-Georgens Schule, Jan-Wellem Schule, Janusz-Korczak Schule; and the Internationale Schule am Rhein (Neuss).

Samuel K. H. Jun, the center’s director, came to Germany in 2007 to manage the facility. He was no stranger to Germany, having spent two and half years there previously doing research for his doctorate (Jun has a PhD in electrical engineering). Jun brought with him his experience of managing two Body and Brain centers in England, where he offered a combination of breathing and relaxation techniques, physical exercise, yoga, stretching, tai chi, martial arts, visualization and meditation.

At the time, the school day for children was lengthened from morning-only to all day, and school administrators needed to find activities to fill the afternoons. In September 2009, Jun was invited to bring Brain Education to one school in Germany. The program was so successful that in 2010 three other schools requested it in their curriculums. Jun needed to train more instructors. Out of necessity, his center became a training ground for instructors. Since this fit in with the country’s job-training agenda, the German government approved 25% of its overall funding. Each instructor receives 150 hours of training, after which they are required to take a test for certification administered by the International Brain Education Association (IBREA), an NGO accredited to the United Nations.

Currently there are five certified trainers, including Jun and his assistant, Rute Paulo, and four instructors in training. The age range of the children is 5 to 12, and each class is usually 90 minutes long, with 15 to 20 children per class. According to Jun, the main technique of Brain Education used is called Brain Respiration. BR is a special kind of breathing that makes the brain more active. By increasing the blood and energy circulation, more blood is brought to the brain, stress is relieved, and a peaceful state of mind can be achieved. BR not only works on the function of the left brain, where most people have greater development, but it restores the whole brain function, thereby helping the child connect deeply within.

While Brain Education is effective in bringing noticeable improvement in children’s learning ability and handling of stress—plus increased confidence and feelings of fellowship—Jun also focuses on the children who have learning disabilities. >>SUBSCRIBE TO READ CONCLUSION


  1. Please let me know how to be the Trainer there.

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