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20 Reasons To Consider Biopolymer Removal

When you opted for biopolymer injections, you might have sought a quick enhancement. But these substances, which include materials that are not approved by the FDA, can jeopardize your health.…

Music Therapy Can Sync Our Brains

Researchers Jorg Fachner and Dr. Clemens Maidhof of Anglia Ruskin University conducted the first music therapy study to use “hyperscanning” — a technique that allows researchers to monitor the activity in two separate brains simultaneously by controlling multiple scanners from a remote location. While the patient and therapist had

Renovia Completes Successful $32.3-Million Funding Round

Renovia, a company that is seeking to revolutionize the way in which pelvic floor disorders are diagnosed and treated, recently announced the successful completion of a Series B equity round. The funding round is just the latest in a series of successes for the Boston-based women’s health company

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