Eliminating Loneliness In The Loneliest Time Ever



There have been lonely times in the past, but none as lonely as the COVID-19 pandemic. Regardless of your situation, it’s very likely that there has hardly ever been a period where you’ve had to stay home as much as you have in recent months.

For those who are already alone, such as the elderly, it’s desperately sad. It’s also incredibly scary since the emotion can make you more susceptible to the virus. The solution is clear — you need to be around people.

But, how can you do it when you could put your health at risk?

Face-to-Face From A Distance

For those who struggle to use technology and become frustrated when it doesn’t work, it can be daunting to try and FaceTime your loved ones or attend a Zoom meeting. Not everybody is technologically-savvy, and that shouldn’t be the reason why you’re lonely. Thankfully, you can push the social distance rules to the limit by organizing in-person get-togethers that are more than one meter apart. You won’t be able to hug or touch, according to the CDC, yet seeing someone’s smile is enough to brighten up your day and make your routine bearable, particularly if it’s a regular thing.

Build A Sense Of Community

Of course, you may not have loved ones and friends who can easily drive to your home. They could be shielding as they’re at a high risk of catching the virus. The good news is that everybody can socialize as long as your neighborhood has a strong sense of community. In essence, your neighbors can be your support network for the next couple of weeks and months. What that means is that you make an effort to speak from a safe distance, call one another daily, or arrange for the delivery of essentials.

Find A Loophole

The word “loophole” makes it appear as if you’re doing something wrong. However, this isn’t the case if you’re legitimately at risk and require help, physically or mentally. A prime example is if you’re on Medicare and struggle to take care of your well-being. As FreedomCare points out, a friend, relative, or child can apply to be your carer. As well as allowing them to visit regularly, they also get paid in the process, so it’s a win-win for everybody! Let’s face it — nobody can blame you if you require assistance and aren’t receiving it.

Keep Busy

You can’t surround yourself with people every single second of the day, not when you must distance yourself socially. Therefore, you’ve got to find ways to be comfortable in your company to negate the sensation of loneliness. If you struggle to be alone, the key is to stay busy by investing your time in different projects. You can read books that you’ve always wanted to read or complete household tasks that you’ve put off for years. There’s a ton of stuff if you get creative and create a to-do list.

Do you feel connected? You can be — if you pay more attention to your loved ones, community, and yourself.

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