Healthy Living and Magnetism

Biomagnetism is present in all living organisms because of their interaction with the Earth’s magnetic field. Thanks to a discovery by the 16th century English astronomer and physicist William Gilbert, we know that the Earth is a massive magnet, due to the circling electric currents in its liquid outer core. It is composed of highly conductive molten iron, nickel, and other minerals; the Earth’s rotation acts as a generator spinning the substances, resulting in attractive and repulsive forces.

The Earth’s magnetic field, although invisible to the human eye, can be called a true planetary defense shield that has an invaluable impact on the survival of all life forms. If it did not protect the Earth from the deadly and high-energy cosmic rays that are continually emitted by the sun, the planet’s entire ecosystem would cease to exist.

The effects of magnetism on living organisms are unquestionable. Even though we have not definitely substantiated the effects of magnetism on the human body, we do know that it plays a crucial role in the lives of certain animals. For example, migratory animals capable of navigating to specific destinations are thought to follow compass-like environmental cues such as the stars, the sun, skylight polarization, and magnetism.

Furthermore, field and laboratory experiments have provided evidence that sea turtles use geomagnetic cues to navigate in the open sea. For instance, green sea turtles (Chelonia mydas), known for their ability to find their distant homes, were not able to do so when a strong magnet was attached to their heads.

Similarity, salmon were also recently discovered to use a biomagnetic navigation system to find their way back home across thousands of kilometers of ocean. Because they imprint on the magnetic field unique to their birth streams, the salmon use it as a geographic signature to seek out their original coastal locations upon reaching sexual maturity.

Recently, honeybees have been dying en masse around the world, shocking numerous researchers. The number of domestic honeybee hives in America reportedly decreased by a third over the past several years. The phenomenon is called colony collapse disorder. There are many potential reasons why this could be occurring, including global warming, insecticides and the appearance of new viruses. Electromagnetic radiation that results from the increased use of mobile phones and cell towers is being considered as another possible explanation. According to proponents of this position, the electromagnetic radiation interferes with the honeybees’ location-tracking ability.

Although most evidence supports the association of geomagnetism with biomagnetic navigation systems, American ecologists are seeking to further study the effects of the Earth’s magnetic field on living organisms by placing mice in a space isolated from magnetism. The purpose of this experiment is to identify whether humans can survive in places where gravity does not seriously impact them. The study concluded that, when mice were placed into a space without an active magnetic field, they lost their vitality and end up dying due to the failure of their physiological functions.

In a similar 2008 study conducted in Russia, mice were observed to experience memory decline and heightened aggression that caused a drop in their sociability. In addition, scientists observed changes in the mice’s internal organs. These studies tell us that severe abnormalities develop in the absence of the Earth’s magnetic field. This is understandable if we consider that all life on Earth evolved over a long period of time and always under the influence of its magnetic field. Therefore, organisms have developed biomagnetism that is integral and vital to their survival. This poses concerns about the potential health risks produced by disturbances in the natural geomagnetic field caused by the use of high-frequency electromagnetic waves, as well as high-voltage power lines that can be found almost everywhere in our everyday lives.

Because of magnetism’s influences on the planet and its organisms, people have long thought that it was possible to heal disease and relieve pain by using magnetic energy. There is a long history of using magnets for healing purposes, especially in Asian medicine and Indian Ayurvedic practices.

For instance, 2,000 years ago in China, people placed magnets on the body to relieve aches and pains, and ground them to powder to be used in medical salves. The Shiji of Sima Qian recorded that they were even used treat the emperors’ diseases. In ancient India, people practiced the custom of laying out those close to death with their heads pointed north. They believed that by doing this, the polarity of the person’s body would align with the polarity of the Earth, alleviating the suffering of death. Franz Anton Mesmer (1734–1815), who is said to have founded hypnotic therapy, believed in the therapeutic power of magnetism.

Although at the time his fellow clinicians and scientists criticized him, his theories exerted great influence on later generations. He thought that the flow of fluids in the bodies of animals was likely related to magnetism. Now this belief lies at the core of many alternative therapies that use magnetism to affect the blood flow and improve circulation.

Magnetic therapy has been used extensively in Europe, where alternative-medicine research is rather vigorous. In the U.S., however, it was introduced relatively recently. Reportedly, it has outstanding therapeutic benefits for treating headaches, back/neck/shoulder pain, fatigue, arthritis, depression, high blood pressure, insomnia, fibromyalgia, and multiple sclerosis.

Implications for the Use of Magnetism

All life forms have electric impulses and biomagnetism, ranging from weak to strong, inside their systems. These fields can be measured in real time, or estimated at the very least, thanks to the advancing developments of science and technology. It is typically believed that humans are unable to feel magnetic fields; however, rare reports of people capable of sensing magnetic fields do exist.

While the therapeutic effects of magnetism for the treatment of particular symptoms need to be researched further, the importance of maintaining a natural magnetic balance is commonly accepted. As a way to repair damage to the magnetic fields inside the human body, natural magnetic stones, in meditation or otherwise, have been experimented with.

Using or playing with magnets to develop and enhance a sense of existing energy is important and beneficial. They allow us to physically experience the invisible magnetic force that exists between objects. Once you feel it, with practice you can try to expand that energy from your hands to around the body, eventually doing so without magnets. The use of magnets is especially effective for teaching people how to concentrate and sense energy for a deeper effect during meditation. I discovered that even those who didn’t have any previous experience with “energy” could easily develop a sense for it by using magnets.

An awakened sense of energy makes for a balanced and holistic world by dissolving the dualistic view consisting of mental and physical dimensions or, in other words, thoughts and things. In Eastern cultures such as those of China, Korea, and Japan, the primordial stuff of the universe is described as chi or ki — which means energy — and is believed to be the foundation of all cosmic phenomena. This isn’t just a cosmological and metaphysical concept in these cultures; healers went so far as to develop comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic systems as practical applications of this understanding, which have helped people for thousands of years.

Magnets, instead of being used as playthings for kids, can be thought of as tools one can use to awaken a sense of energy, as well as open a new and balanced perspective of the world that encompasses its three core aspects: thoughts, energy, and material things. By adopting this holistic view, we can address our health issues not only by conventional approaches that are closely associated with pharmaceutical and surgical means but also by using the more organic and less invasive approaches of beneficial energy, whose primary means are breathing and mindfulness.


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  1. This is an amazing article, I first discovered this magnetic feeling in my hands 21 yrs ago, I was very young and not sure what this healing energy was!? I now use it on my family & have taught hubby & kids to use it. I really enjoyed this article

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