Kicking Your Brain Into Shape. The Amazing Benefits of Creativity on Our Cranium


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As we get older, we can find that our brain gradually starts to take that slippery slope downwards. But the fact is that while it may be more difficult for us to kick our brain into shape as we age, there are practices that we can all benefit from, but it’s just about having the right practices. If you have found that you settled into a dull job and you’re just not as sharp as you were, this is where being creative can make a big difference. So with this in mind, what does being creative actually do for your brain?

It Sharpens Your Mind

Firstly, being creative is an amazing outlet for your cognitive function. Being creative forces you to think outside of the box and creates new and exciting ways of doing work. But it’s not just about the stimulation your brain is getting; it’s also going to do a lot for many components of your brain. An art like photography is a very good example because it forces you to think about photo composition, as well as look at the more equipment-oriented side of things, contort your body, and think laterally to get a great shot. 


Of course, when we’re talking about camera tech, there are things that can help create sweeping shots, like a DJI Mini 3 or other highfalutin technology, to benefit from something like photography, this is just one component that can help you gain an insight into what creativity does for your cognitive functions. Painting and drawing can stimulate something like hand-eye coordination, control the right side of your brain, and improve your motor skills. There are other things that you can do, such as dancing and playing a musical instrument to enhance cognitive function on the left side. And when you think about something like photography, this naturally combines the two.

It Boosts Your Immune System

Something that we all can neglect as we get older is our physical health. While we hear plenty about our diets as the best way to improve our immune system, creativity can be just as effective in many ways. By channeling artistic expression, you can help your body to fight diseases, but in order to understand how it does this, we have to look at what makes for a “low immune system.” 


In many ways, it boils down to inflammation, and inflammation can give way to chronic pain. So if we start to think about ways of minimizing inflammation through creative practices, it can help to calm us down, which helps us keep blood pressure low and alleviate stress. One of the best ways to do this is through music and singing therapy, but even listening to music can have positive effects on inflammation, so if you start to think about how you can be creative in terms of your love for music, this is an amazing practice that will reap dividends.

Helps You Fight Depression

Following on naturally from inflammation, they say that, in many ways, depression can be inflammation of the brain. And while there is that notion of the “starving artist” that is constantly linked with creativity, the fact is that creativity can also combat depression. If you are going through difficult parts of your life, a creative project can help to decrease the stress, but it can also help you to deal with bottled-up emotions. This is why many people take to journaling because it proves to be a very cathartic practice. 


But it’s also important to remember that testing your brain through a creative practice is just as beneficial. People who are creative tend to be ambidextrous, so you can also begin to test your brain in numerous ways. Trying different games, such as Use Your Non-Dominant Hand for a day or just testing your memory can have a big impact on your ability to concentrate, which can also pull you out of that detrimental frame of mind.

Relieves Anxiety and Stress

Stress and anxiety are so commonplace in the modern world, which is why creativity can be an amazing tool. Creativity proves beneficial because you can become so embroiled with something you lose track of time. That perception of time is so important to our sense of self because if you find yourself getting bored constantly, you may feel that time drags more slowly. 


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