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How Is Parkinson’s Disease Diagnosed?

Parkinson’s disease is a neurodegenerative disorder that affects movement. It is a relatively common condition, but it can be difficult to diagnose. Here is some useful information about the different methods that are used to diagnose the disease, its symptoms, and how it is treated.

Stir Of Echoes: Learning Echolocation

In Jess Row’s short story “The Secrets of Bats,” a high school teacher living in Hong Kong recalls one student’s experiment in the dark hallways after school hours, her goal being to see the same way bats see, that is without actually seeing.

7 Common Eye Problems You May Experience

The human eye is extremely sensitive and vulnerable to damage and various diseases. To protect your vision, you should be aware of the signs of serious eye problems, so that you can seek prompt medical care. Maintaining your vision is critical for good health, and regularly seeing your eye doctor is a great way to avoid these common eye problems!

6 Ways To Streamline Your Business

If you feel like your business could be more efficient, you are in good company — there are a number of steps you can take to streamline your business processes. Here are just six ways to improve your overall results and make your company run much smoother! The first step to streamline your business is to take full advantage

Finding Your Purpose In Life

An article in the publication AdultSpan Journal tells us, “a focus on meaning and purpose provides a positive, optimistic perspective that is counter to disempowering views of aging based on losses and deficits.” For many years, gerontologists and sociologists have believed

Music, Rhythm, And The Brain

Music is part of our life. Music has had deep roots in human culture throughout history. Listening to, enjoying, or playing music sometimes gives us pleasure, sadness, comfort, and even touches us deeply, causing life-changing experiences. Why does music have such a powerful affect on our brain?

Improving Your Health While At Home

Taking care of your health can be a full-time job — even if you are in good health — however, it has become harder for those of us who have had to spend a great deal of time at home. Here are some things to consider about your health, if you are working remotely, taking care of family, or just spending more time than you did

Are We More Easily Distracted As We Age?

Some people might be able to focus on their task at hand — and filter out distractions. However, research is indicating that as we age — we’re not able to do this as easily — an aging brain is a distracted one. Even simpler things, things that we may take for granted when we’re younger, like sitting across from your friend and having

How Your Brain Navigates Cities

The shortest distance connecting two points is always a straight line — one of the most basic rules of geometry. However, it’s not always applicable when you’re navigating the landscape around you. When walking through a busy city street, for example, avoiding oncoming traffic and crowds of people, following a straight line can often

Feeling Stuck? 10 Steps From The “Now” To The “New” You

Have you ever woken up in the morning feeling unsure of where your day — or your life — is going? You wonder what else might be out there. You know you deserve more fulfillment from your life. You think to yourself: What’s next? We’ve all felt that way at one point or another, but have you ever considered it

Why It’s Now Easier Than Ever Before To Start A Business

Starting a business used to be incredibly time-consuming, in which entrepreneurs faced many barriers, including needing a lot of capital. Capital may have come from a loan, borrowing money from loved ones, selling belongings, or taking the time to save up. Other challenges included maintaining inventory and a physical location. However

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