10 Ways To Work Out Your Brain In 5 Minutes Or Less

Sometimes we have five minutes with nothing to do — you’re stuck in a line, for example, or waiting at the doctor’s office. Why not make good use of that time and give your brain a little stretch?

Here are 10 great mini-workouts you can do in just five minutes or less. Give them a try — you might even come up with a few others on your own!

Play a game on your cellphone for five minutes. (Not sure if you even have a game on your phone? Borrow a teenager if you’re new to this — they can locate those games and recommend great ones that are free.)

brain work out

Memorize three essential phone numbers that you don’t know by heart. (Really, by head — what does your heart have to do with it?)

Go through five client or project files you haven’t used in a while and toss any papers you no longer need to hold on to.

Learn a new song.

Sit and just relax — for a whole five minutes!

Call your sister, brother, or best friend for a five-minute catch-up.

See how many different objects you can find in the clouds. (Don’t worry — you’ll remember how to do this once you get started!)

Learn a recipe by heart.
brain work out


Marvel at all the wonderful things your brain can do — take five minutes to list the miraculous achievements of your magnificent brain!

Dr. Cynthia R. Green, Ph.D., is a nationally recognized expert in memory-fitness training and brain health, who collaborated with the editors of Prevention magazine on the book, “Brainpower Game Plan: Food, Moves, and Games to Clear Brain Fog, Boost Memory, and Age-Proof Your Mind in 4 Weeks.” For more information, visit totalbrainhealth.com.

This article is updated from its initial publication in Brain World Magazine’s print edition.

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