Earth-Friendly Behavior From A to Z

Here’s some ecologically friendly behavior for Earth Day and World Environment Day as suggested by the United Nations Environment Program. (We discussed their work here.) It takes only few simple steps to easily green your daily routine and make good eco-behavior into a habit. 

Brain-STEM: Using Interdisciplinarity to Improve Our Minds and Our Schools

Students beginning kindergarten this fall will likely retire around the year 2080. An unpredictable world awaits them. How do we prepare our children for the future, with such an uncertain economy and rapidly evolving technology? According to Microsoft CTO Cameron Evans, current educational approaches were designed to prepare students

Every Human Being Has The Fundamental Right To Education

Education is also important because development is not just economic growth; education equips people with the values that make it possible for us to peacefully and respectfully coexist in our diversity, and it actually enables us to live peacefully together.

The Zero Point: Living as A Citizen of Earth

Many intellectuals, spiritual leaders, and even scientists are talking about oneness. But the reality is that we keep drawing dividing lines between us, as we can see from the many problems of our world. In order to make the zero point physically manifest and come to life, understanding it conceptually or even through experience is not enough

Using Brains to Build Healthier Communities

Conceived by Jill Bolte Taylor, the neuroanatomist who experienced a stroke in 1996 and went on to pen the best-selling memoir, “My Stroke of Insight: A Brain Scientist’s Personal Journey,” The Brain Extravaganza! project resembles the popular CowParade but this time it’s about us … and our brains.

The Longest Street In The World

“Sesame Street” first aired in 1969 as an American television show aimed at using television to educate underprivileged children in order to bridge the educational gap between children from different economic backgrounds. “Sesame Street” is now showing in over 140 countries, with international

Harvesting the Future: How GMOs Will Sustain a Changing World

Editing genetic material — something that we can now do more rapidly than ever — is not without its detractors. For many countries in the European Union, the sale of GMOs is cautiously restricted, as these modified products are believed to be agents of cancer and birth defects. Even in the United States

Becoming An Earth Citizen

I, together with world-renowned academics, political leaders, and senior journalists, held the Humanity Conference to suggest the need for a common identification beyond the limits of religion, nationality, and ideology. We introduced the idea of the “earth human” — someone who lives for the betterment

The “Earth Citizen” Movement

If someone asks you who you are, how do you identify yourself? You may tell them your name, job, nationality, race, or religion. You probably realize that this answer does not encompass who you truly are. As we classify ourselves in various categories, we establish divisions between ourselves and others.

India’s Brain Balance: The Joy of Giving and the Gratitude of Receiving

With 1.2 billion people (roughly 17 percent of the human population), India is the 10th largest economy in the world, but it contains the largest concentration of people living below the World Bank’s international poverty line of just $1.25 per day. While 61 individuals control 10 percent of the national wealth

How Accepting Are Western Countries of Immigrants Today?

The number of international migrants (people living in a country that is different from their country or territory of birth) reached 244 million in 2015 — over 3 percent of the world’s population today — according to the United Nations. Some migrants have moved by choice to seek economic

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