Is San Diego America’s most holistic city?

The Wholistic Expo comes to the SD Convention Center, Aug. 24-26

Over the years, San Diego has been ranked one of the top ten most stress-free cities, one of the best-rested cities, and received other equally important well-being distinctions. What better place to bring together top experts in the field of health and wellness, along with leading providers of holistic products and services?

From August 24 to 26, 2012, the San Diego Convention Center will be surrounded by a virtual aura of peace and tranquility created by the Wholistic Expo, the wellness, health, and knowledge event. The three-day conference is a first of its kind consumer show whose time has come. With the increased interest in healthier lifestyles, fitness, alternative medicine and an overall well-being, San Diego is the perfect setting to launch this unprecedented event.

With the purpose of providing a “whole holistic” experience, the Wholistic Expo is designed to promote mind, body, emotional and spiritual balance. It is an ideal opportunity to meet, interact with, and learn from some of the best teachers, guides and gurus dedicated to exploring, teaching and living in connection with the universe through different alternative therapies for personal development.

Top-name speakers

Whether they attend one, two, or the full three days, attendees should walk away feeling highly motivated from the Wholistic Expo, prepared to better their own lives, as well as to motivate others to pursue a higher quality of life. Top experts and well-known motivational speakers in the field will lead the discussion in a series of lectures and workshops dealing with a variety of topics:

· Deborah King, master healer and New York Times best-selling author, has set upon a journey for alternative healing that not only would radically change her life but the lives of thousands of people in very positive ways. She left the corporate arena for a world of master healers, sages, and shamans, mastering ancient and modern alternative healing.

· Gary Quinn, international best-selling author and founder of the Touchstone For Life Coaching Certification Program ™ and The Angelic Intervention™ Coaching Program which trains, transforms & empowers individuals to create fulfilling lives. He is best described as an inspirational “Intuitive Life Coach.”

· Michelle Phillips, as a celebrity makeup artist, motivational speaker, life coach, TV and radio host, and best-selling Hay House author, she creates beauty by building self-esteem and confidence. In her new book, “The Beauty Blueprint,” Phillips has created a step-by-step process to achieve real and lasting beauty. By making the connection between beauty and deep inner life, and bringing it out in all of life’s choices, she shows how to radiate a beauty that cannot be matched.

· Dr. Baskaran Pillai, international teacher, spiritual leader, humanitarian and scholar-mystic from Southern India, founder of the Pillai Center for MindScience, which offers courses on human development. He has been a speaker for the United Nations Conference of World Religions, the World Knowledge Forum, has hosted forums on religion and science, and is the author of several books and DVD programs.

· Barbara Carrellas, founder of Urban Tantra™ and author of “Ecstasy is Necessary: A Practical Guide.” She is a respected sex educator, university lecturer, workshop facilitator, sex/life coach, motivational speaker and theater artist.

· James Twyman, best-selling author of 15 books, including “Emissary of Light,” “Emissary of Love” and “The Moses Code;” he is also a filmmaker and musician who has travelled around the world as “The Peace Troubadour,” while teaching the Seminary of Spiritual Peacemaking.

· Robert Schwartz, author of the book “Your Soul’s Plan: Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born.” He has worked closely with several mediums and channels, studying pre-birth planning, and is dedicated to improving lives through spiritual and metaphysical enlightenment.

· Cristian Tzolktar, beloved spiritual teacher, whose mission is to be a messenger of the Sacred Flame of Unity, to all people and nations.
His study of the planet’s ancient knowledge and Mayan mystical temples brought him to reestablish communication with spirit guides and ancient guardians of this planet. Since then, his passion led him to study the planet’s ancient knowledge and explore the Mayan lands in search of mystical encounter in their temples.

97,000 sq. ft. of personal growth

Through a partnership with The Art of Living Foundation, a special area will be dedicated to a stellar group of guest speakers, who will share their knowledge on personal development, motivation, yoga, Ayurveda, holistic health, pets & pet care, and even cooking.

Music is also fundamental to spiritual growth, and Wholistic Expo will showcase some of the best musicians Southern California has to offer. The Portal to Ascension and Aerial Revolution Entertainment are preparing an amazing musical showcase to increase your consciousness and awareness in a virtuoso showcase of light and sound.

Of course, an expo would not be complete without an Exhibitor Hall, featuring some of the best products and services in the country. In association with the Greater San Diego Business Association, Wholistic Expo will have a “Health Activities Area,” with information and demonstrations from some of San Diego’s finest health centers and fitness studios.

Our sponsors also play a very important role in bringing Wholistic Expo to San Diego; some include Reed’s Original Ginger Brew, Desert Essence Products, The Honest Kitchen, Bold Organics, The Kabbalah Centre, and Mighty Leaf Tea, just to name a few. We are committed to make this San Diego’s premier event dedicated to wellness, health and knowledge.

Attendees are encouraged to bring yoga or gym clothes, invite friends and make it a great weekend by sharing in the knowledge and wisdom of this extraordinary event. Tickets are available now at presale prices; group sales are also available.

For more information about the Wholistic Expo, visit and make sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for the latest updates and information.

San Diego is known as “America’s Finest City,” and during three days in August, it will surely also be the most holistic.

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