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Accents in Handwriting

I puzzled for a long while at why my dad’s handwriting had such an exotic tilt to it, why his letters slanted a certain way, and how I knew that it was his handwriting no matter what. And why other … READ MORE>>

We Are Not Born to Discriminate

We Are Born Not to Discriminate  Lately, there is much talk of the bigotry and discrimination growing in some parts of the US. This reminds me of the classic discrimination experiment done at the end of the 1960s by an … READ MORE>>

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An aging brain is a distracted brain

You’re sitting there with seven tabs open on your internet browser. Plus another one for your email. Your phone is going off, three texts from a friend inviting you out this weekend. There’s a Facebook notification that someone “liked” that … READ MORE>>

Self-studying Neuroscience

Neuroscience is such an ever-evolving, ever-important field. But not everyone had the chance to study it in college. Some may have an interest in the field, but may not know where to begin. With the sheer volume of information available, … READ MORE>>

Gliding without GABA

You may blame your two left feet on your cerebellum, or your genetics. But maybe, it’s your GABA that’s to blame. Whether you’ve got moves like Jagger, or you lose your balance like Larry and Moe, scientists have learned that … READ MORE>>

Mysteries of Modern Art

A recent excursion with friends brought me to a modern art museum in Washington, D.C. With the random wire sculptures and the torn canvases, the splotches of paint dripped or flung, and even the pantyhose filled with potato, I disliked … READ MORE>>

Uncanny Valley

With bright red lips, rosy cheeks, and painted smiles, clowns are creepy. They make us balloons shaped like puppies, dance and tell jokes; they even come out of small clown cars, all to make us laugh. So why are these … READ MORE>>

Your Brain on Pumpkin Pie

You take a slow bite of the pumpkin pie, a hint of cinnamon behind the rich pumpkin flavor. With a crumbly crust and thick whipped cream, you’re settling into autumn the way you should be. Or should you? With refined … READ MORE>>

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They say the mirror doesn’t lie, but is that really true? Scientists say: “Maybe not so”. Whenever you check yourself out in the mirror, what you see might not be as objective as you think it is. Of course, we … READ MORE>>

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