Technology and the Human Brain

Being wired to technology isn’t necessarily good for our neural wiring. Multitasking—which many people think they do well—is not healthy for neural efficiency. With each task switch, there is a cost, which makes our brains […]


Gliding without GABA

You may blame your two left feet on your cerebellum, or your genetics. But maybe, it’s your GABA that’s to blame. Whether you’ve got moves like Jagger, or you lose your balance like Larry and […]


Mysteries of Modern Art

A recent excursion with friends brought me to a modern art museum in Washington, D.C. With the random wire sculptures and the torn canvases, the splotches of paint dripped or flung, and even the pantyhose […]


Uncanny Valley

With bright red lips, rosy cheeks, and painted smiles, clowns are creepy. They make us balloons shaped like puppies, dance and tell jokes; they even come out of small clown cars, all to make us […]

Children in Afghanistan


Approximately out of 2.2 billion children in the world, around a billion live in poverty. For each child not living in poverty, there is a child somewhere struggling to survive with less than $1 a […]