Shine A Light On Limitless Learning

The human brain has limitless potential. That’s what I realized as I transformed myself from someone who could never pay attention in school and took the college entrance exam three years in a row to someone who successfully completed a degree in clinical pathology.

Don’t Be SAD: 5 Ways To Manage Wintertime Depression

Up to 20 percent of people across the globe suffer annually from some form of seasonal affective disorder — better known by the acronym SAD — during the fall and winter months. Fortunately, feeling down during these seasons is for the most part manageable. Here are a few ways to stay upbeat

Stir Of Echoes: Learning Echolocation

In Jess Row’s short story “The Secrets of Bats,” a high school teacher living in Hong Kong recalls one student’s experiment in the dark hallways after school hours, her goal being to see the same way bats see, that is without actually seeing.

Are We More Easily Distracted As We Age?

Some people might be able to focus on their task at hand — and filter out distractions. However, research is indicating that as we age — we’re not able to do this as easily — an aging brain is a distracted one. Even simpler things, things that we may take for granted when we’re younger, like sitting across from your friend and having

How Your Brain Navigates Cities

The shortest distance connecting two points is always a straight line — one of the most basic rules of geometry. However, it’s not always applicable when you’re navigating the landscape around you. When walking through a busy city street, for example, avoiding oncoming traffic and crowds of people, following a straight line can often

Feeling Stuck? 10 Steps From The “Now” To The “New” You

Have you ever woken up in the morning feeling unsure of where your day — or your life — is going? You wonder what else might be out there. You know you deserve more fulfillment from your life. You think to yourself: What’s next? We’ve all felt that way at one point or another, but have you ever considered it

Know Your Brain: The Amygdala — Unlocking Your Reptilian Brain

It’s about the shape and size of an almond, nearly as old as the dinosaurs, to whose reptilian brains it bears a considerable resemblance. When you’re walking home late at night, it’s shouting out to you, bogging you down with panic as you navigate your way in the dark, ready to jump at every corner at whatever or whoever

Finding “Christmas Spirit” In Your Brain

The holiday season seems to fall earlier and earlier each year as stores put out their decorations and marked-down merchandise and radio stations start playing Christmas music. Yet somehow, our feelings always remain the same, whether joyous or anxious. You might look forward to a time of year when you visit with

Mentally Preparing For A Major Life Change

From leaving school to experiencing the death of a loved one, we all go through big changes in our life — whether we want to or not. Often, we have no choice but to adapt to these changes. However, while we may go through the motions — many of us can take a while to mentally adapt. By mentally preparing yourself beforehand, big life


7 Things You Should Know About Your Attention During COVID-19

A lot of us may reflect on recent years with mixed emotions, as some of the deepest-rooted problems in our own society came to light for a number of reasons. A pandemic prompted a number of crises for both the economy and just about everything we thought we knew about ourselves.

The Need for More Mental Health Resources Across The Globe

At some point in their lives, most people have either suffered from depression or seen someone close to them suffer. Because it is such a personal issue, most people think of depression on a personal level. It is important to realize that depression is actually a global problem. It is the leading cause of disability

Caring For Your Hands And Feet As You Get Older

While we might focus on those new fine lines on our face, the new backaches, and the changes to our hearing and sight, how often do we talk about the ways in which our hands and feet can change? If you’ve been noticing they need a little more care lately, here are some of the reasons why and just what you can do about them.

Happy Teachers Make Happy Students

Implementing a brain-friendly, “happiness school” culture and informing teachers about how the students’ brains react in various social interactions in the classroom have positive effects on student learning and behavior. Faculty and staff training sessions have been conducted in these areas, and periodic training

Are Brain Games Effective?

Go into any bookstore and you’re sure to see them: entire shelves full of brain teasers, puzzles, crosswords, sudoku, etc. These books are loaded with all sorts of mental exercises and brain games that supposedly will improve your brain fitness and function simply by playing them. You can find thousands

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