Dumping Dimorphism: We Don’t Have “Male” Or “Female” Brains

Dr. Lise Eliot, a professor of neuroscience from the University of Chicago, has been analyzing the field for a long time — looking at three decades of research on gender differences in the human brain, only to come to a conclusion that at once seems groundbreaking and yet not really all that surprising: There are no significant

Why You Need A Primary Care Physician

Having a primary care physician is a no-brainer. Your regular doctor can keep you on track, provide access to specialists when necessary, and ensure that you have routine screenings, like mammograms for women or prostate exams for men. They can also help monitor your family’s health by linking conditions together through

Brain Refreshing: Working Skillfully With Emotions

When you imagine a life without laughter, excitement, apprehension, or sorrow, it’s flat and formless — it hardly seems to be life at all. In your own life, isn’t it clear that you bring valuable emotion to the most important decisions you make? You seek strong relationships, success, and money in large part because

Taking The Best Care Of Your Teeth (Oral Health Matters!)

Having good teeth can at times be a hard feat. Growing up, we all like to eat lots of sweets and sugary things that taste delicious — but are terrible for our teeth. When we grow up, we often pick up bad habits as adults that greatly impact our oral health. To take the best care of your teeth, here is some advice to make healthy lifestyle

If You Can Read This Headline, You Can Read A Novel

In 2016, the U.S. National Endowment for the Arts reported the proportion of American adults who read at least one novel in 2015 had dropped to 43.1% from 56.9% in 1982. In 2018, a U.S. academic reported that in 1980, 60% of 18-year-old school students read

Improving Your Total Health For A Happier You

Improving your health can take a lot of work — especially when you look at your total health, which includes both physical and mental well-being. There are so many different factors to consider about your total health — and for many it can feel like you are stepping into a minefield. The most important thing to realize is to take one step

The Olympian Mind: The Field of Human Potential

Once again the Olympics are upon us, displaying excellence in mind, body, and spirit. As a neuroscientist, neuropsychiatrist, and author in the field of human potential, I am always riveted, watching all the nations of the world come together to push the envelope of human physical and mental potential. How strong can we become? How fast can we go?

10 Ways To Work Out Your Brain In 5 Minutes Or Less

Sometimes we have five minutes with nothing to do — you’re stuck in a line, for example, or waiting at the doctor’s office. Why not make good use of that time and give your brain a little stretch? Here are 10 great mini-workouts you can do in just five minutes or less.

Does Your Business Need A Physical Address?

Your business address is not necessarily where you work. However, a business address has to be stated on numerous documents and also says a lot about your company. If you work in a home office and want to separate private and professional matters, you are able to rent an external business address. You can also use a business

Understanding Human-Computer Interactions: Design For Life

We live in a world in which we increasingly interact with computerized devices and gadgets in all aspects of our daily lives. The study of how people communicate and interact with computing technology is known as “human-computer interaction” or HCI, which considers how people utilize software systems, process information, and

5 Mistakes Leaders Unknowingly Make That Scare Their Employees To Death

Without even realizing it, most leaders do and say things that send employees into their “critter state,” where every decision they make is driven by fear. Here I reveal some of the subtle yet damaging mistakes we make — and how to fix them. Many leaders know that “command and control” is dead and that fear

To Age Well, Don’t Leave Your Brain On Autopilot

Usually, once they’re old, people don’t stimulate their brains much. From your brain’s perspective, it’s as if its boss doesn’t inspire it to work hard. A basic principle of your brain’s operation is that it improves when stimulated and declines without stimulation. Hopes and dreams are the greatest stimuli we can give

Happiness: The Best Diet You Can Go On

Our culture teaches that if you work hard enough at anything, you’ll be successful. Recent studies, however, suggest that hard work may not be enough when it comes to weight loss.
At a time when obesity is a national — and increasingly an international — epidemic, scientists are

How To Keep Calm And Carry On

One of my scientific heroes, positive psychology researcher Dr. Barbara Fredrickson, published a study showing that the largest variable in determining our level of life satisfaction is “resilience” — the ability to bounce back quickly from life’s small and large upsets. It wasn’t having a great boss or a happy family

Mastering Your Environment To Discover Your Happiness

As I’ve met people from all walks of life and helped them to live more satisfying lives, I’ve found that there have been two main reasons that people feel they are unhappy. First, they are unsatisfied with the environment they face. In other words, they consider themselves unhappy because they lack something.

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