Maximizing Your Efficiency And Staying On Task

If you’re reading this, there’s a decent chance that you have a cognitively challenging task you’ve vowed to complete one day — whether it’s writing a novel or just finishing a crossword puzzle. Some of you might be halfway through completing it, but just can’t find the stamina to get it finished — so daily interruptions like

Prelude To A Kiss: The Science of Kissing

The scientific term for kissing is “osculation,” while the science of studying kissing is “philematology.” Osculologists (these are the scientists who study kissing) tell us that we use no less than 34 of our facial muscles, and perhaps up to 146 total body muscles, when we kiss. Most important is the orbicularis oris

Meeting The Deadline: Workaholics And Their Brains

It may sound surprising, but studies show that workaholics have distinct neurological and psychiatric profiles similar to those addicted to narcotics. In the United States, people tend to see workaholism as a good thing. A man dedicated to his family. A woman determined to reach the top. But scientists are increasingly finding that

Integrating Gamification Into Your Learning Practices

Gamification in learning can be understood as the process of introducing game-based mechanics and features into the learning systems of your organization to create real-life experiences that are similar to those of playing games. It has been known to motivate learners — resulting in increased user engagement and interaction.

How Has E-commerce Changed During The Pandemic?

So much changed before our eyes in less than a year, from education and entertainment to personal interactions and business. E-commerce had quite a positive run during this time, but has encountered challenges of its own, as well. Here’s what e-commerce experts had to say about how their industry has changed during

On the Spectrum: Understanding the Nature of Autism

The number of people worldwide affected with autism is estimated to be 62.2 million, and the precise cause is not yet understood. However, over the last several years, researchers have identified a number of risk factors closely associated with the prevalence and severity of symptoms.

Old But Not Weak: Mastering Your Body As You Age

When I looked at my father as he got older, I often felt sorry for him. He was quite healthy as late as his 80s, but past the age of 90, he slowed down significantly and his speech declined. When I touched his body with my hand, attempting to teach him some exercise, he would flatly refuse. All I could do for him

mindful eating

Mind Your Food Business: From Mindless To Mindful Eating

It might surprise you, but on any given day, we will make over 200 decisions about our food — even decisions as simple as whether we will eat cereal instead of eggs for breakfast, but also the kind of cereal we will eat, the amount of milk we add to it (if we add any), and whether or not we finish

Why “Let’s Do Lunch” (For Real) Is A Good Idea For Your Brain

Most of us are afraid of aging, because aging means not being as active or efficient as we used to be. Incompetencies of aging create significant frustration and even feelings of hopelessness. However, studies have shown that while aging cannot be reversed, its effects can be decreased through a sustainable

Healing All Wounds: A Closer Look at Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is, scientists tell us, an unseen epidemic. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that it sees 2.2 million emergency room visits a year — 280,000 hospital stays, and 50,000 deaths. These figures do not include veterans. “Total combined rates of TBI-related hospitalizations, ER visits, and deaths

Finding the Spark: 5 Myths About Creativity

Our brains have the power to find a path where none is visible, and to make new paths where none have been set. But we tend to be confined to the personality we have experienced, to the self we know, and find it difficult to move beyond it. This limits our own creativity. It is when we go beyond what

Are You Worried About Your Mental Health?

Mental health is a huge topic right now. It is all over social media a lot and it’s something that you read about quite a bit. However, that doesn’t mean that the stigma surrounding it is gone, which is why so many people still have a hard time getting help. Mental health is nothing to be embarrassed about

7 Ways To Recreate (And Re-Create) Your Brain!

As the summer months approach, many of us have planned to take vacations and spend more time outside. The benefits of recreation and leisure, however, truly span all seasons. While most people enjoy vacations and such activities as sports, hobbies, and exercise, few realize the full spectrum of benefits linked to regular recreation

Know Your Brain: The Default Mode Network — Wakeful Daydreaming

Whenever we think of the human brain, it becomes far too tempting to just imagine the entire organ having clearly mapped regions that individually process each piece of data that comes in and file everything according to function, and not to think of the whole as being greater than the sum of its parts — that the brain relies on vast

Making Your Brain Financially Smarter

Our wallets and our brains are much more closely connected than you might believe. In fact, there’s such a strong correlation between the ways we spend and think, that a rising field known as neuroeconomics explores this connection

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