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Making Real Change

One of the ways to assess the impact of human activities on this planet is what is known as the “ecological footprint.” In order to stand, I need land the size of my two feet; that’s my footprint. In order to lie down, I need land the size of my body flat on the ground. Likewise, all human activities, even the [ … ]

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Marketing to Your Mind

What if our brains could tell marketers our deepest preferences and our biases even if we weren’t consciously aware of them, leading them to design products that would appeal to us even when we insisted they wouldn’t? That’s not science fiction. In fact, marketing to us using our brains is [ … ]

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What Meditation Does To The Brain

Anyone who has ever attempted to meditate can vouch for the fact that while it is theoretically simple, it is extremely challenging in practice. In fact, its simplicity is what makes it difficult, and it is also what makes it worthwhile. “Mindfulness meditation” (the practice most popular in the United States) [ … ]


(Finally) Changing Your Habits This Year

Practically everyone has at least a few habits they want to change. But unless you’re a very special person, you probably have more experience with failure than with success in trying to change your habits. That’s why we end up listing the same goals for our New Year’s resolutions every year. Why is that? Why are habits [ … ]