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Five Ways to Eat Sexy This Summer

Who doesn’t want to feel sexy in the summertime, when the sun is out and “the living is easy”? Along with exercising every day, here are five quick-fix tips for revving your energy, improving your mood and mind, and maybe even helping you drop a few pounds in the process. [ … ]

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Empowering Our Children With The Gift Of Happiness

As a mother of two young girls and as a pediatrician who cares for kids from birth through age 21, I cannot count the times I have heard a mother say, “All I want is for my child to be happy.” It is of utmost importance that a mother be equipped to empower her children with the tools to guarantee a lifetime of happiness. Happiness is a choice. We must choose to be happy, and we must teach [ … ]

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What Fatherhood Does to Men’s Brains

Recent studies show that indeed, a few days after birth, changes occur in the brains of both daddy and baby. According to research, not only do men get better at hearing a baby’s cry as the due date of their child approaches, but a baby’s smile activates the same circuits in the brain that are involved [ … ]

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The Best Diet You Can Go On

Our culture teaches that if you work hard enough at anything, you’ll be successful. Recent studies, however, suggest that hard work may not be enough when it comes to weight loss.
At a time when obesity is a national — and increasingly an international — epidemic, scientists are [ … ]

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Helping War-Affected Children in Liberia

Growing up in a village in Grand Bassa County in the west-central portion of Liberia, Remongar Dennis was one of only seven children to survive infancy in what would have been a family of 13. He was the only child in his family to go to school. Now Liberia’s deputy permanent representative to the U.N. [ … ]


Charles Darwin on the Expression of Human Emotions

As Alzheimer’s disease (AD) progresses into its middle stage and later, word-finding skills diminish and meaningful verbal communication becomes increasingly impaired or even nonexistent. The thoughts, desires and emotions of a person with AD still remain, but how can a caregiver discern what they might be? The answer may, in part, be located in the research and writings of Charles Darwin [ … ]

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5 Ways to Conquer Distraction in a Super-Connected World

The human race has reached a point of information overload, or at least a point where some feel so overwhelmed by an unrelenting firehose of messages delivered 24/7 by our various devices that they would risk their lives while driving just to retrieve one more text message or phone call. Our brains have evolved to adapt and change easily, so we are in the midst of a grand experiment [ … ]

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Three Brain Rules You Need to Know

“The good thing about scientific empiricism is that you can turn a guess into actual data,” says Dr. John Medina. There are too many mythologies out there, like ‘You only use 10 percent of your brain’ — that’s a myth; ‘There are right- and left-brain personalities’ — that’s a myth; [ … ]