Did you know that your spine ages everyday and that over time that leads to back pain?

Recently Brain World Magazine caught up with Dr. Noam Sadovnik B.S, B.S, D.C., founder and director of Chiropractic and Physical Rehabilitation at The Center located in New York City. Dr. Sadovnik and his team of certified professionals focus on “musculoskeletal hygiene” to eliminate existing conditions and prevent future ones. He implements advanced healthcare technologies with tried and trusted chiropractic techniques to provide attractive alternatives to surgery and heavy pain medications.

Along with chiropractic and physical rehabilitation, the Center also offers services in holistic psychiatry, clinical nutrition, integrative medicine, dermatology and skin care, therapeutic massage, acupuncture, and pain management. “We find that people and doctors like the idea of everything being offered at one place. It makes communication that much easier between patient and doctors,” says Sadovnik during our sit down at his spacious and relaxing offices in Flatiron.

Dr. Sadovnik sees patients everyday, battling lower back pain. He says most of these patients don’t understand how diet, lifestyle and even water can lead to lower back pain and that most of this back pain from our aging spine can be prevented.

Yesterday we posted the first in a series of two videos of our interview with Dr. Sadovnik. Part 1 was all about the problems of spinal aging: dehydration, blood sugar, the differences between chronic and acute back pain.

The second video which is posted here is about SOLUTIONS: how to determine how much water you should drink, how diet affects the health of your spine, how to create a work environment that is better on your back and how specific exercises can prevent back pain.

As the good doctor says, your body has its own built in alarm system which is called PAIN. You can thank your BRAIN for providing this “perception” (because that’s what pain is…a perception of the brain.). We hope you find these companion blogs far from painful. But if you have pain, especially in your back, might we suggest you click on the following link to find out more about Dr. Noam Sadovnik and the Center for Integrative Medicine.http://thecenternyc.com/

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