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There are some jobs where working from home really isn’t an option, from delivery drivers to nurses to mechanics (although we would totally sign up for an online service where we could learn how to fix our own car). For everyone else though, remote working has become the new norm, an unavoidable reality that was sped up by the current pandemic and all the safety precautions that fell in place around that.

Yes, in light of COVID-19, tens of thousands of people had to make the adjustment to that work from home life. But as we’ve all learned, there’s more to successfully working from home than setting up a desk in your bedroom, investing in a high-end coffee machine and fake laughing every time your boss changes their Zoom background. That’s the easy stuff.

But ask anyone that’s worked remotely for more than a few months and they’ll tell you, in no uncertain terms, there are a lot of bad habits you can fall into. From distractions to endlessly snacking to believing you can be just as productive from your bed. Of course, we all need to make mistakes in order to really learn from them but, trust us, when your job, your livelihood, and your health are on the line, it’s so important to establish a working environment that is conducive to your wellness.

With that in mind, here’s how to stay fit, healthy, and on task while working from home.

Setup A Dedicated Space

Number one on everyone’s list is the ‘home office’, or more specifically somewhere in your home that is used exclusively for work. You want a dedicated space that makes you snap into gear the moment you walk into it, but also allows you to relax the moment you leave it. That could mean transforming the spare room or simply adding a desk, houseplant, and pack of Post-It notes to the corner of your living room.

The point is: you need a space that’s designated solely for your career. Your bedroom should be for sleep, your couch for Netflix, and your kitchen or dining table for meal times or playing LEGO with kids. Interfering with that will interfere with your ability to relax later by creating little mental associations that will keep your mind racing with all your professional obligations instead of recuperating during your off-hours.

Get A Good Chair (or No Chair)

There are certain pieces of equipment that you should absolutely invest in now you’re working from home, and a top-quality chair should be at the first item in your to-do list. Ideally, you want to get yourself a comfortable, adjustable, ergonomically designed chair that will keep you back properly aligned from the moment you start work right through to the second you clock off. The problem is, chairs of this quality can cost a pretty penny.

Thankfully, the next best thing is investing in a lumbar back support attachment to fit on a cheaper chair. The way they work is to promote good posture by simply filling in that gap between the lower part of your spine and your seat, working to support the natural curve of your back.

However, there is one other alternative worth considering and that’s the standing desk. Yes, we’re talking about getting rid of your chair altogether by setting up your home office on a desk high enough to stand up at, which will give your back a much needed break while reducing your overall long-term mortality risk.

Protect Your Eyes

The moment you begin working from home, you will start spending a lot more of your days staring at a screen. That’s partly because there is less travel time to and from work, but it’s mainly to do with the fact your profession now has to be one via remote working tools. It doesn’t matter whether you run a creative marketing agency or you are a freelance personal trainer, screens will be a part of your professional life now.

The answer: glasses. Whether you’re in the market for women’s glasses or men’s blue-light blocking lenses, the more screen time your life entails, the more you need to take precautions. It may still sound an incredibly modern problem, but digital eye strain is very real.

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